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Ask the audience - What's your signature move?

Ask the audience - What's your signature move?

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All week we’ve been in awe of Kenta Gallagher’s cyclo-cross hurdle bunny-hopping antics from last weekend’s National Trophy Cyclo-Cross from Leicester.

Kenta is one of the few riders on the cross circuit with the skills (and the guts) to do this, most riders preferring the traditional ‘dismount and scamper’ approach to negotiating the dreaded boards. We posted our video of Kenta’s antics on Facebook, at the same time asking our online brethren what their signature move was.

A few of you out there were clearly setting the skills bar high, with Lesley and Paul both plumping for ‘staying upright’. Conversely, Ben was all about ‘falling off’ and trackstanding (though not necessarily in that order). The curiously named Carbon-Monkey had more than just a signature move - he had a fully-blown manifesto; “it's all about getting air when you shouldn't and styling up everything from the tiniest bump to the big kickers hidden in the woods”. Amen to that.

Kenta Gallagher and fellow rider Steve James rode the entire race side by side, with Kenta gaining ground on every hurdle. Facebook follower Khush implored Mr James thusly: “learn to bunny hop FFS!!!!”

Laurence and Campbell both chimed in with cyclo-cross techniques that the author can relate to, namely “Pulling over to let the fast lads through” and “Puffing like an asthmatic whale.”

When intrepid ‘cross reporter Phil Ingham asked Kenta what his secret was, Kenta replied with a smile, “be a mountain biker”, which struck a chord with Facebook follower Richard Marshall.

However, the last word was had by Matthew, who claimed that he could equal Kenta over the hurdles, with just one caveat: “I can do this, but the mud takes ages to remove from my teeth after the faceplants.”

We can all do that Matthew...

Thanks to all of our Facebook followers. I’m off to practice bunny-hops ahead of this weekend’s cross. Now where’s my full-face helmet?

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