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Ask the audience: Cycling and the silver screen

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Our Facebook faithful discuss cycling's often difficult relationship with the silver screen

Above: Jackie Chan taking urban cycling to a whole new level in martial arts flick Project A. Scroll down to see the full clip. It will blow your mind.

We have some strange conversations at British Cycling HQ. Just the other day, we started to debate whether James Bond ever rode a bicycle in any of his films. Famed for his womanising, posh cars, tuxedos and penchant for nifty gadgets, we were unsure whether Fleming’s creation had ever taken to two wheels. On a similarly filmic bent, we also asked our Facebook followers to vote for their favourite cycling movie scenes.

Responses were predictably varied – first to chime in was Liz who plumped for the Von Trapp family awheel on the streets of Salzburg in the Sound of Music. The musical interlude of Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head from Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid also resonated with many. 80s classic The Goonies also got plenty of mentions as did the iconic chase scene in ET, when Elliot takes flight on his Kuwuhara BMX. On a similar 20inch wheeled tangent, BMX Bandits was also up there.

Other responses demonstrated that our followers are a cultured lot, with Le Velo de Ghislain, (the amusing story of an amateur Belgian cycle racer in the Merckx era) getting a mention from foreign film buff Alistair. However the intellectual bar didn’t stay high for long with almost back to back votes for the Muppet Movie, Carry on Spying and Pee Wee’s Big Adventure.

Then, Chris chimed in with an answer to our Bond question, remembering a chase scene featuring Connery’s Bond ‘á velo’. Bond buff Steven claimed that Bond did ride a bike in the 1983 Connery comeback ‘Never Say Never Again’. However a few minutes later Jon provided further detail, confirming that Felix Leiter cycled while Bond jogged behind. Close but no Martini....

Our faith shaken but not entirely stirred, votes continued to pour in. French animated masterwork Belleville Rendezvous was also a popular choice – the wonderful, funny and dark animation telling the story of Champion and his kidnapping by mobsters, set against the backdrop of Le Tour in the 1960s. An instant classic if ever there was one.

Kevin Costner’s American Flyers was probably the winner in terms of votes, Breaking Away and the Flying Scotsman, the latter chronicling the incredible story of Graeme Obree, also getting plenty of mentions. 

However our office favourite was unanimous – Jackie Chan’s incredible bike chase sequence in the film Project A. So sit back and enjoy some incredible stunts and some shocking continuity errors. Thanks to Harry Webb for posting the link and brightening up everyone’s day.

Thanks to everyone who chimed in and voted for their cycling movie favourites.

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