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14 days free insurance for your new bike

14 days free insurance for your new bike

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Our award-winning cycle insurance provider Bikmo offers all British Cycling members 14 days free cover on new bikes, so you can focus on enjoying your first miles with total peace-of-mind.

When can you claim your free insurance?

You have up to 7 days after purchasing or collecting your new bike to redeem your free insurance.

What does the 14 days free insurance cover?

Bikmo - New bike day             Bikmo - New bike day             Bikmo - New bike day             Bikmo - New bike day

   Excess free                          New for Old                             Theft                             Accidental damage

Excludes: Public liability / Personal accident / Clothing + headgear / Accessories / Competition / Breakdown / 365 worldwide.

Do you need to remember to cancel anything?

Bikmo does not require payment information from you, so there is no commitment to continue insuring your bike. When your free cover ends it will simply expire. You will have the option to extend and upgrade your cover taking advantage of exclusive savings on your bike insurance as a British Cycling member.

How will Bikmo use the information you provide?

Bikmo will only use your information to set up your free insurance, and remind you when your insurance is expiring. Your details will not be used for any other purpose, or shared with third parties.

You can find Bikmo’s privacy policy here.

To access this exclusive offer you must be a British Cycling member, if you are a member make sure you are logged in to view the Bikmo offer.

Bikmo Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority ref: 745230.