Member profile: Quillan Isidore

Member profile: Quillan Isidore

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Former under-16 boys UCI BMX Supercross world champion Quillan Isidore is in action at the National Cycling Centre in Manchester this weekend in round two of the 2016 UCI BMX Supercross World Cup. Here's his profile.


Quillan Isidore




South London


Peckham BMX

What kind of riding do you do?

BMX racing.

What do you enjoy most about cycling?

The rush you get jumping big jumps at high speed next to seven other riders.

What’s your favourite ride?

Here at the National Cycling Centre!

What’s your top cycling tip to share?

Enjoyment comes first!

If you had a tandem, who would you like to ride it with?

My housemate Joe Truman.

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