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Member profile: Andy Ball

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Andy from Walton-on-Thames is a keen cycling commuter who swapped the streets of London for the Alps this summer. Here's his profile.


Andy Ball






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What kind of riding do you do?

In order to keep fit, save money and enjoy my commute, I cycle the 20 miles each way to work and back in London. This means I don’t tend to do evening training rides, but I do love to get out at the weekend  into the Surrey Hills when I can. Lovely!

What do you enjoy most about cycling?

Hard to articulate, but I just love being on the bike. The monotony of turning the pedals over, climbing up hills, zipping along empty roads and feeling fast. It’s just great!

What’s your favourite ride?

I took my first trip to the Alps this summer. For my initiation to alpine climbing we took on Col de la Madeleine, a 19km beast. It was the hardest ride I’ve ever done but it’ll always be my most memorable ride, not just because it’s beautiful, but because it was my first mountain.

What’s your top cycling tip to share?

When climbing, I find it best to relax my shoulders, loosely hold the middle of the handle bar so my thumbs cross over and stay sat down. It’s a calming position which opens up your chest. And keep that cadence up!

If you had a tandem, who would you like to ride it with

David Brent from The Office. He can sing songs from his band days at the back!

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