Member profile: Hannah Attenburrow

Member profile: Hannah Attenburrow

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Mountain biker Hannah Attenburrow loves riding the South Downs - and dreams of sharing a tandem with our very own Alice Barnes!

Name: Hannah Attenburrow
Age: 27
From: Petersfield, Hampshire
Club: Pedal 2 Pedal

What kind of riding do you do? Cross-country mountain bike racing, challenges for charity and about to take part in my first ever 24-hour race!

What do I enjoy most about cycling? The connections to nature as you ride through the trails under your own steam and the feeling of complete satisfaction when you master a new technique or conquer a new trail.

What is your favourite ride? I love riding around the South Downs but for an extra thrill you can’t beat somewhere wild like Scotland or Wales

Top tips: If riding off road in the winter invest in a decent set of lights. If you’re training for an event plan each training session, especially if like me you train in the small hours of the morning before work, have your kit out warming on the radiator and bike set up ready to roll out, it makes it far easier to actually commit to getting up.

If I had a tandem, who would I like to ride with? Alice Barnes, coast to coast of the UK.

Your favourite moment in cycling? I have three:

Going from mountain biking as an occasional hobby to racing nationally, meeting some amazing people along the way.

Finishing Ride London two years in a row, despite the torrential rain!

Riding in Scotland for six days with my other half, living out of the back of the car and discovering some of the best mountain biking in the UK.

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