Summer cycling checklist

Summer cycling checklist

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Whether you have been training diligently through the winter and spring, have already chalked up some races or events or are only just emerging from your cycling hibernation, there is no doubt that the summer is the best season to be a cyclist. Longer days mean you can put away your indoor trainer, stop worrying about remembering to charge your lights and just enjoy those balmy evenings on your bike.

Don't overdo it

As the weather improves and the days get longer, it can be tempting to just ramp up your time on the bike. This is fine if you have built a decent fitness base through the winter and spring but, if not, can lead to issues such as injury or overtraining. Build your riding up progressively and the best way to do this is to follow one of our training plans.

Go Modular

If you’ve followed our Improver Plan or regularly ride 100km (60 miles), our Improver's Modular Plan is perfect for continuing to develop your cycling fitness and creating your own bespoke plan around your events. Intermediate and Advanced riders should check-out our In-Season Plan which also has a modular structure.

Switch to your summer bike

Time to unwrap your summer bike but, before consigning your winter bike to the shed, give it a good clean and, if necessary, a service. That way, when you dig it out in the Autumn, it will be ready to ride. If you are just switching to a summer carbon wheel-set, don’t forget to change you brake pads.

Don't let the heat get to you

There are few things better than riding with the sun warming your back but be sensible, use sunblock, keep hydrated and, if the mercury is really soaring, be prepared to adjust your riding to the conditions.

Summer cycling fashion

It is time to don those short sleeved jerseys and shorts but, even if you are confident in the weather forecast, it still makes sense to carry a gilet or light windproof. It will keep you from getting chilled on long descents, if you have to fix a puncture or if the weather does take a turn for the worst.

Look after your eyes

Sunglasses aren’t just for looking cool. They protect your eyes from harmful UV rays, grit and insects and will also stop your eyes from streaming on fast descents.

Fly with a smile

If you are heading abroad with your bike, make sure you follow our advice for flying with your bike and riding abroad.

Holiday options

If you’re not able to take your bike on holiday, there are plenty of cross-training options that can benefit your cycling, especially if your hotel has a gym. Pack a foam roller or trigger point ball and you can do some daily mobility work.

Pin a number on

If you have never tried racing, why not try it this summer? Check out our RaceSmart videos for how to get into road racing, try your local club time-trial, maybe see if there is a summer cyclo-cross league near you or, if you prefer some of the rough stuff, try XC or Downhill.

Get off-road

Whether it’s on a mountain, gravel  or cyclo-cross bike, some warm weather can mean dry, fast and fun trails. Riding off-road is not only great fun but will improve your bike handling skills, pedalling technique and all-round cycling fitness.


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