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British Cycling Strength Routine: Advanced Exercises

British Cycling Strength Routine: Advanced Exercises

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If you have clicked through to this article then you consider yourself ready to take the British Cycling functional strength exercises to the next level.

It is important to remember that the advanced exercises are exactly that and should only be attempted once you’re confident with the rest of the routine and have been working through it consistently for 4-6 weeks.

Advanced functional strength exercises are demonstrated by Martin Evans Lead Strength & Conditioning Coach at British Cycling and Senior Strength & Conditioning Coach, English Institute of Sport.

Split Squat With Dumbells

Above: Split Squat With Dumbells , Start Position.

Above:Split Squat With Dumbells , End Position.

Advanced Press Up

Above: Advanced Press Up, Start Position. 

Above: Advanced Press Up, End Position. 

Advanced Squat

Below: Advanced Squat Start Position.                               

Below: Advanced Squat End Position

Advanced Windscreen Wipers

Above:Advanced Windscreen Wipers Start Position

     Above: Advanced Windscreen Wipers End Position

Before you undertake any form of physical activity or make significant changes to your routine it is a good idea to check with your GP that you are able to undertake the intended programme.


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