FAQ’s - Training Plans

FAQ’s - Training Plans

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Here we cover the most commonly asked questions concerning the British Cycling Training Plans.

Training with heart rate and power

Why can’t I stick to heart rate zones?

Do I really need a heart rate monitor?

Do I need a power meter?

Why do we use threshold rather than maximal heart rate to set training zones?

What should I expect from my threshold tests?

Food and Drink

What should I eat when riding?

What should I drink when riding?

Should I include a cafe stop on my ride?

Training and set-up

Do I need to cross train?

How do I prevent saddle soreness?

Why do I struggle on hills?

How do I get comfortable on the bike?

Why don’t I ride my event distance in training?

How do I prevent cramp?

What intensity should I train at through the winter?

Adapting the plans

Multi-day rides

Fitting training into commutes  

What can I do if my life is too unpredictable to follow a structured training plan?

Should I train if I’m ill?

Are the plans suitable for older riders?

What should I do if I miss a week or two of the plan?

Can I do outdoor sessions indoors?


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