Boost your cycling confidence with See.Sense

Boost your cycling confidence with See.Sense

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Get visible

While British Cycling recommends cyclists to wear bright and reflective clothing, we realise its limitation in improving safety on the road. However, knowing that you’re visible will improve your confidence on the road.

Check out our tips for but, along with being a legal requirement after dark, effective lights are probably one of the main steps you can take, even during the hours of daylight.

Official Bicycle Light Supplier to British Cycling See.Sense have developed lights that, using inbuilt accelerometers and light sensors, react to your riding environment. They’ll automatically flash brighter and faster at potential moments of higher risk such as at junctions, filtering in traffic or sensing car headlights approaching from behind. This helps to increase your visibility to other road users and increases burn time.

Join the Club

When it comes to cycling, there is some truth to the “safety in numbers” adage. A group of cyclists will always be more visible to other road users. By riding with more experienced cyclists, you’ll be reassured, be able to follow their good practices and improve your own riding. Additionally, if you join a local club, they’ll undoubtedly know the best routes and roads to ride.

See.Sense have given a technical spin to accumulated group knowledge. See.Sense lights can detect road issues and poor cycling conditions, giving you the opportunity to share anonymised insights with Planners to help them upgrade roads and improve cycling infrastructure. If you’ve opted into the See.Sense community, you can  be constantly gathering crucial data that has the potential to benefit all cyclists.

If you do have an incident

Whether it’s a mechanical such as a puncture, a slip on some leaves or ice or an incident involving another road user, such moments are the exceptions rather than the norm for cyclists. However, it’s always reassuring to know that you’re able to mend a puncture or know what to do in the event of an accident. Simple things such as always letting someone know the route you’re riding, how long you expect to be and having your phone unlocked and having an ICE (In Case of Emergency) number on it, provide reassurance for yourself, friends and family.

Again, See.Sense have applied a technical solution and, if the lights detect an unusual or sudden movement that could signify a crash, they’ll send a message to your phone to check you’re okay and, if the app receives no response, it’ll send a notification with your location to a designated contact.


British Cycling Members can currently claim an exclusive 30% discount on See.Sense bike lights. 


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