The Zwift Worlds

The Zwift Worlds

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How many Worlds are there?

There are currently seven different worlds on Zwift and, within each World, a number of different pre-set routes to ride or you can just pedal freely and explore by following prompts at junctions.

Of the current seven Worlds, six are regularly available to ride - more about those below. The seventh is a simulation of the Bologna Prologue from the 2019 Giro d’Italia and was only available for a limited time around the actual race.

Does it matter which World I ride?

Each of the Worlds, and the routes within them, have their own feel, characteristics and, just like the real roads you ride on, you’ll develop your own preferences depending on your mood or the type of ride you want to do. For example, if you were wanting to do a flat time-trial style effort, Tempus Fugis on the Fuego Flats in Watopia would be ideal.

However, if you’re riding a Workout in Erg Mode, whether it’s one of Zwift’s own, a custom workout you’ve built or if you’re following one of our Digital Training Plans, the virtual terrain doesn’t impact on the resistance your trainer will create, only your avatar’s speed.

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Can I ride any of them at any time?

Officially no. Watopia is always available to ride and then the other Worlds are on rotation. The rationale behind this is that Zwift is supposed to be a social/community experience, and, if all the Worlds were open all of the time, riders would be spread out too thinly across them. However, there is a fairly easy hack if you’re desperate to ride a particular World but your avatar might find it a fairly lonely experience.


The most expansive World on Zwift and, if you’re looking to do a longer endurance style ride, want to log some serious climbing or like lots of variety, it’s the one to go for. You can ride through underwater tunnels, across the desert, up a volcano or, once you’ve unlocked it at Level 12 or by joining a group ride, event or friend going up it, you can tackle the 21 hairpins and 1036m of the Alpe Du Zwift.

It’s also the World that Zwift regularly expand and so you’re quite likely to encounter something new. Most recently they’ve added the Repack Ridge MTB course that has an experimental steering feature.


This relatively small World that’s simulation of the 2018 UCI World Road Championships course offers four routes. There’s a flat 8.7km loop that stays in the town or, for a climbing challenge, head out to the climb to Igls. It’s a good option for shorter sessions, such as repping the main climb, but you’re better heading elsewhere for bigger rides.


If you’ve ever lived and ridden in London you’ll find the roads of this World incredibly familiar. However, unlike riding out of London in the real world, a magic tunnel whisks you out to the Surrey Hills. Although it hasn’t got the variety or scale of climbs as Watopia, with 13 routes, there’s enough variety for longer rides and all session types.

New York City

This World is modelled on New York but not quite as you know it. There are familiar landmarks, such as Central Park and the Guggenheim, but also futuristic elevated transparent roads, flying cars and sci-fi inspired buildings. With 10 routes, it’s slightly smaller than London and, as such, more suited to shorter rides. The 9.7km Park Perimeter route, with some punchy climbs, is a great loop to test your fitness on.


The 2015 UCI World Road Championships course is the most compact World on Zwift with  three routes. There’s no sustained climbing on offer but, if you’re wanting to do laps and practice powering up short climbs, you can certainly hurt your legs.


The newest World that takes in the roads of the 2019 UCI World Road Championships in and around Harrogate but without the pouring rain. It’s more expansive than Innsbruck with five routes and, because of its constantly undulating nature, there’s enough interest and variety for longer rides. If you’re training for an event with multiple climbs, such as the Tour of Flanders sportive, spending some time in this World will definitely do you good.

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