How to clean and protect your indoor trainer with Muc-Off

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Tips and advice from Muc-Off from keeping your indoor training set-up clean, hygienic and running smoothly.

Muc-off’s dedicated range of indoor training products mean you can happily sweat to your heart’s content and keep smashing those miles, all in the comfort of your own home.

You must however prevent a build-up of rust or other forms of corrosion, and ensure you are wiping down equipment pre and post work out with both cleaner and protectant spray.

Muc-Off’s top 3 tips for cleaning indoor equipment:

  • Unplug any equipment connected to a power source
  • Wipe down to clean equipment using microfibre cloth and antibacterial equipment cleaner
  • Wipe down to protect equipment using microfibre cloth and sweat protect spray.

We’ve teamed up with Muc-Off to exclusively offer British Cycling members 20% discount across Check out their range today and make sure your bike is cleaned, protected and lubed ahead of your next ride!


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