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Riding 100 miles

Riding 100 miles

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Riding 100 miles is a goal for many cyclists. On the Insight Zone you will find everything you need to know to ensure that your century ride goes smoothly.

How long would I need to train for?

A 100-mile ride is not something to take lightly and ideally you should already have a decent level of cycling fitness. If you are already capable of riding 60 miles (100 km), you should allow 12 weeks to properly prepare for a century. For this, our Off-Season Base Builder would be perfect.

If you are already capable of riding 100 miles and are wanting to improve your performance, our Pre-Season Plan, which follow on directly from the Off-Season Base Builder, provides a further 8 weeks of training. Alternatively, our In-Season Plan offers a modular approach that, if you already have “100-mile fitness” would allow you to tailor your training to your event.

If you are a non-cyclist but are active, regularly exercising three times a week or more for an hour each time, or a rider who has let their training slip slightly, you could follow our 6-week Panic Plan and then move on to the Off-Season Base Builder.

If you are not currently at the fitness levels described above, especially if you are new to cycling, you should be allowing 6 months of more to properly prepare for a 100-mile ride.

How much training would I have to do each week?

The highest volume week of the Off-Season Base Builder has just over 9 hours of riding. This is split over three compulsory rides and an optional “Bonus Session”. There are also cross-training sessions scheduled in. The cross-training is important as it helps to develop all round strength and fitness, prevents injuries and adds variety to the training.

What skills do I need?

If you are doing the bulk of your riding on your own, you should try to spend some time riding in a group to learn the necessary skills and etiquette. Being comfortable and confident in a group can save huge amounts of energy and make the ride safer and more enjoyable. Joining your local cycling club is one of the best ways to gain this experience and knowledge.

What should I eat?

The Insight Zone is packed with nutritional advice. Find out how to fuel your long rides, how to stay hydrated and discover delicious and easy to cook recipes for both on and off the bike.

Ready to ride 100 miles?

Once you have completed your 100 mile event, how about giving yourself another target and signing up to another? With over 2000 events listed, find one near you on our events calendar. Whether it is the hills or the flat that you prefer, you can find one to suit your ability with our sportive grading system.

Anything else you need?

There is a wealth of content on the Insight Zone covering all aspects of cycling. From clothing advice, bike maintenance tips and even how to prevent saddle sores.

Have a browse and get in touch at insightzone@britishcycling.org.uk if you have any questions about your training or if there are any topics you would like covered.