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Weeks 13-16 - Advanced training plan

Weeks 13-16 - Advanced training plan

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Download weeks 13-16 of the advanced plan.

Week 13

If you’re coming off Week 12 of the foundation plan, it’s been a big weekend, so the two days off scheduled for the start of this week should be welcome. It might seem odd if you’re new to the British Cycling training plans to begin with two rest days but, for accurate results, it’s essential that you’re 100% fresh for Wednesday’s threshold test. This test is a vital part of the plan and a quality workout in itself but, don’t worry, you’ve got plenty of hard work to look forward to over the following months.

Week 14

This is a tough plan so be careful what and how much you do during the cross training and bonus sessions. Maintaining consistency in the core sessions and staying healthy and injury free are the keys to success, so don’t think you have to do every bonus session or do gruelling cross training workouts. Sometimes opting for a more gentle option such as yoga, pilates or swimming or taking an extra rest day and working on flexibility or a foam rolling can lead to better long term results.

Week 15

This is your last week of tough work before the bliss of a recovery week. How well are you recovering from your workouts? How do your legs feel during your second weekday session or as you roll-out on a Sunday following your hard Saturday ride? Expect some tiredness and heaviness but, if you’re not optimising your recovery, your next session and long term gains will be compromised. As well as post-ride, ensure you eat and drink properly while on the bike as this can have a significant impact into how well you recover.

Week 16

After up to six hours on the bike at the weekend and three weeks of solid training, you’ve definitely earned this recovery week. If your legs still feel heavy on Tuesday morning, take an extra rest day or just have a very light workout. Both rides this weekend should be taken at a very easy pace, so don’t be tempted into hill top battles or village sign sprints. If you don’t think you will be able to resist, maybe this is the weekend to ride alone.