CNP for after the ride

CNP for after the ride

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In the third of our features profiling British Cycling’s and Team Sky’s Nutritional Supplier CNP’s Endurance Range, we look at products to kick-start your post ride recovery from their innovative range of endurance products. With input from Great Britain Cycling Team and Team Sky nutritionist Nigel Mitchell, we’ll let you know how, when and why to use these products.

Optimising your post-ride nutrition is an essential component of your all round cycling nutritional strategy. There are a number of other articles from Nigel Mitchell on the site, covering big ride day nutrition, the importance of hydration and other aspects of fuelling your riding.

After a long or hard ride, your body is crying out for protein to start rebuilding muscle tissue and for carbohydrates to restock its energy supplies. The optimal time for giving your body this fuel is up to 20 minutes after you finish riding. Leave it significantly later than this and you’ll reduce the recuperative effects of the nutrients, negatively impact your next workout and risk overeating later in the day.

Many riders find they’re unable to stomach real food directly after a ride, haven’t the energy to prepare it or, at races and events, that suitable food isn’t available or convenient. In all of these circumstances, CNP recovery products will ensure you get exactly the nutrients your body needs, when you need it and in an optimal formulation.

CNP Endurance Recover Drink Powder


CNP Recover is the ideal post workout recovery formula, but is also recommended for athletes who want a meal replacement drink as part of a weight management strategy.

Quality protein is essential for muscle repair and athletic success. CNP Recover has been developed as a post workout drink using the highest quality protein with an optimal amount of multi-source carbohydrate.

Their premium protein blend provides a time release matrix with a drip feed effect lasting up to 7 hours to ensure your body has all the amino acids required for efficient recovery.

Multi-source carbohydrates offer time released energy quickly delivering carbohydrates into your body for when you need them most.

CNP Recover is packed with a fine balance of nutrients and functional ingredients necessary to support athletic development including viable probiotic organisms.

As an endurance athlete you should consume around 2g of protein for every kg of bodyweight per day to ensure your muscles are repaired fully and metabolism remains high. All protein is not the same; CNP use only the highest quality protein in the optimal blends so that you have all the nutritional support you deserve.

When/How much

Mix 3 scoops (65 g serving) with 450 ml of water and take immediately after hard training or racing.

Nigel says

“If you neglect your post ride nutrition, you’ll be reducing the gains from the training you’ve just done and impacting on your ability to ride well during your next session too. On multi-day stage races and training camps, post-ride nutrition is a key part of ensuring that our riders are able to perform consistently and strongly. After a hard ride, if a recovery product doesn’t taste good, riders will gravitate towards nutritionally poor sugar filled soft drinks but, with CNP Endurance Recover, they’re happy for this to be their first post-ride bottle and we know they’re getting the high quality protein and carbohydrates their bodies need.”

CNP Endurance High Protein Recovery Meal Bar


A high protein, low sugar meal bar that provides a solid food alternative for post-ride recovery. CNP Recovery Bars are also ideal as a high protein snack or meal replacement.


Use immediately after hard training or racing.

Nigel says

“Some riders, after a ride consuming high amounts of fluids, prefer to eat something solid. These bars are a convenient way, straight after a race or ride, to get them the protein and carbohydrates they need, provide a feeling of satiety and prevent the urge to binge on sugary snacks.”

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