Modular training plans introduction

Modular training plans introduction

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If you have followed the foundation plan and then either the intermediate or advanced training plans, you will now be perfectly prepared to tackle your target sportives or to achieve your racing aspirations. To enable you to carry on making progress, work your training around your racing and sportives and to ensure you are recovering and tapering optimally, we have produced two levels of rolling modular plans that will allow you to construct your own flexible bespoke plan.

Download the modular training plans here.

How they work

As with the 12-week training plans you have been following, the modular plans are split into an advanced and intermediate version. If you have been following the intermediate 12-week plan, you should use the intermediate modular plan and likewise for the advanced option.

Each plan presents you with nine distinct training weeks.

There are four weeks of ‘build’, which consist of three weeks of increasing duration and/or intensity, followed by an easier ‘recovery week.’ This is the same pattern that you will have become familiar with while following the earlier training plans.

Two weeks out from a key event or race, you should schedule in the ‘14 days from an event’ week which will begin the recovery process designed to deliver you to the start line in the best possible condition. After this week, the ‘event week’ completes your pre-event preparation.

After the ‘event week’, is a ‘post-event week’. This will allow you to quickly recover from your event and, although similar to a ‘recovery week’, is different and better accommodates events that are two weeks apart.

Finally, in the event of you having events one week after another, are the ‘back-to-back event week’ programmes. Back-to-back events should not be a regular occurrence as you won’t be able to perform to the maximum of your ability, consistency of training will suffer and you will increase your risk of overtraining or injury. If you want to take part in a lot of events, you might want to decide which are top priority. For these events you can use a full taper and ride hard but, for less important events, you should treat them as training rides and incorporate them into the plan accordingly.


The example plan below shows how you can use the modules to construct a training plan based around key target events.




 13 April

 Week 24 of Adv/Int Plan

 The Igloo Sportive 19/04/15

 20 April

 Build 1

 27 April

 Build 2

 4 May

 Build 3

 11 May

 Build 4

 18 May

 Build 1

 25 May

 14 days from an event Week

 1 June

 Event Week

 Cheshire Cobbled Classic 07/04/15

 15 June

 Post Event Week

 22 June

 Event Week

 Valleys of Copeland Sportives 28/06/15

 29 June

 Post Event Week

 6 July

 Build 1

 13 July

 Build 2

 20 July

 14 days from an event Week

 27 July

 Event Week

 Club 100-mile TT

 3 August

 Back to Back  Event Week

 Bury St Edmunds Cycle Swarm

 10 August

 Post Event Week


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