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Welland Valley Cycling Club promoted their latest Go Ride Racing event at Misterton Hall near Lutterworth. The event proved a massive hit with 62 young eager racers contesting two events, The Misterton Blast and The Misterton Trickle.

The beautiful day was perfect to attract riders and spectators to Misterton Hall. The course was designed to test the range of bike handling skills on the varied terrain of fast shale pathways, tarmac roadways, dry dusty woodlands and strength sapping meadowland.

Emphasising the fun theme, the intrepid racers were briefed about planning for the afternoon and given tips on how to handle each event. The riders then set off to explore the varying tracks.

The first event, the Misterton Blast, was an explosion of energy as the youngsters completed one lap of the track. After a small break, the following race was the Misterton Trickle. This race was an endurance event, requiring the youngsters to let the energy trickle out.

The events were staged after the Welland Valley Whizz Kids, the junior section of the promoting club, had completed a number of coaching sessions which looked at the skills involved in cyclo-cross.

It was pleasing to see a couple of youngsters riding from John Wycliffe School in Lutterworth completing their first event. Their attendance was after the school had finished a number of weeks coaching with East Midlands Go-Ride Coach Dean Hughes. Hinckley Flyers also sent along a strong squad of riders, who along with all of the other youngsters were treated for their excellent efforts.

Many thanks to the following volunteers for assisting on the day Ann, Sophie, Erin, Clair (Hinckley Flyers), Jack, Marco, Louis, James, Steve, Kevin, Bill, Nick, Vic and Mrs Craven for assisting.


1 Will Bradshaw U6 1st
2 Rudy Killworth U6 2nd
3 Beau Smith u6 3rd
4 Izzy Shepherd U6
5 Joshua Hunt U6
6 James Parr U6
7 Edward Hopkins U8 1st
8 Gregory Mather U6
9 Barney Hayes U6
10 James Bradshaw U8 2nd
11 Harry Martin U6
12 Seth Drewfield U8 3rd
13 Lucy Sharpe U8
14 Huw Wilson U8
15 Rolph Eastwood U8
16 Joel Sharman U8
17 Ethan Drage U8
18 Thomas Dixon U8
19 Dom Switzer U8
20 Nicholas Wood U8
21 Kian Traynor U8
22 Spencer Wadsworth U8
23 Louis Jakobson U10 1st
24 Patrick Doherty U8
25 Ben Brant U8
26 Petch Thomas U8
27 Noah Tucker U8
28 Benjamin Whitehead Thompson U10 2nd
29 Hudson Duff U8
30 Joe Fletcher U10 3rd
31 Hugo Sillifant U10
32 Jakob Warren U10
33 Matt Garner U10
34 Josh Ellershaw U8
35 Rufus Warren U8
36 Jake Hubbard U16 1st
37 Ross Barnett U14 1st
38 Rees Ashton U8
39 Eleanor Partridge …
40 Joseph Plews U10
41 Katie Hubbard U16 2nd
42 Max Sillifant U14 2nd
43 Dan Jordan U16 3rd
44 Csilla Mohni U10
45 Amy Garner U14 3rd
46 Daniel Macken U14
47 Oliver Haines U14
48 Josephine Pilling U8
49 Thomas Hayes U8
50 Noah Dewfield U12 1st
51 Isaac Gandy U14
52 Holly Barnett U12 2nd
53 Jonathan Davies U12 3rd
54 Isabelle Bradford U10
55 George Mills U14
56 Phoebe Gandy U12

British Cycling would like to thank the organising team, officials and everyone else who helped promote this event. Our sport could not exist without the hundreds of people, many of them unpaid volunteers, who put in many hours of hard work running events, activities and clubs.


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