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Go-Ride Racing: An Introduction to Cyclo-Cross

Go-Ride Racing: An Introduction to Cyclo-Cross

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Go-Ride Racing: An Introduction to Cyclo-Cross

Cyclo-Cross or ‘Cross' is generally an autumn and winter discipline. 'Cross events involve mass starts and consist of multiple laps of a relatively short course generally held on a grass surface in parks or on school playing fields.
Cyclo-Cross races are usually less technically demanding than Cross-Country Mountain Bike courses and usually require riders to dismount to clear artificial obstacles and natural features.

The ability to swap smoothly and quickly from riding to running and back to riding (dismounting & mounting) in one fluid motion is a key skill and should be coached and practiced regularly. It is also useful for riders to practice this during warm up laps of the course.

Cross courses do not require a huge variation in elevation. Generally, uphill sections should be short but challenging; try to avoid long slow drags. The course should emphasise the need to develop riding skills and should aim to provide a fun challenge to young riders. Entry level cross courses should avoid elements which would require too much strenuous physical effort.


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