National Youth Forum - December

National Youth Forum - December

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The third meeting was held on Saturday 14th December back at Manchester's National Cycling Centre. Two exciting details made this forum different from the other two, one was that we had all of the National Youth Reps present and two, we were able to get out and do some mountain biking together.

The building is amazing; it is like a cyclist’s heaven. As I didn’t make it to the first meeting I had never been to the headquarters before and I couldn’t believe how much there was there!

The main aim of the third meeting was to organise our presentations which will be shown at the local conferences around the country in March, but we had time for some fun too.  Between designing and practising our reports, we shared achievements from the weeks since the second meeting, played some team building games and even had time to go mountain biking! That was my favourite part of the day and even though some of the road riders looked a little uncomfortable at the beginning everybody seemed to enjoy the experience.

I had a great day in Manchester, although it felt a little strange having cameras filming us all day, which were there to capture what we do at the meetings and our aims. To make the day even better, I managed to grab a third mince pie before I left!

Hannah Gunn - January 2014


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