Numbers Looking Good For Go-Ride Conferences

Numbers Looking Good For Go-Ride Conferences

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In what is now the sixth year of the Go-Ride Conferences, the numbers have consistently grown year on year and this March’s events look set to continue that trend, with over 150 confirmed attendees already.

With the start of the Conferences less than four weeks away, the challenge for the Development team at British Cycling is to ensure that the content remains fresh and of value to club volunteers, and Development Manager for Club and Volunteers, Andrew Chaston, is confident that this year’s schedule is looking as good, if not better, than ever.

“Clearly this year’s Go-Ride Conference will focus on how our clubs can make the most of the Olympic effect,” Andrew said. “We will be helping clubs, coaches and young volunteers to prepare themselves for the expected increase in interest in cycling, outlining how we think clubs can best maintain the interest of newcomers to cycling.

“This means laying the foundations at the conferences through discussing our plans for the Go-Ride Games which we hope will pay dividends throughout the Olympics and hopefully beyond.”

Held in six superb venues throughout the country in March, the Conferences are split in to three optional areas to attend and in this article; we are going to focus on one workshop of three that are scheduled for the day’s activities.

The Young Volunteer Journey
British Cycling has always relied on volunteers but never more so than now as the top end success leads to a greater demand at grass roots level.

With volunteers integral to sport, we know how to respect their efforts and have several programmes and initiatives in place to help make their jobs as easy as possible. The plan for this workshop is to outline the volunteer journey to those 14-18 year-olds who are hopefully making the first steps into a long-term commitment of volunteering and club support.

According to Andrew Chaston, the over-arching ambition is to inspire and motivate.

“If we can engage with young people and inspire them to inspire others, we can be confident that cycling’s future is bright,” Andrew said. “With this in mind, new and existing young volunteers will have the option to complete the CAYV and Racemakers courses to broaden knowledge of volunteering roles within cycle sport.”

There will also be the opportunity to assist in the development of the next stage of the CAYV programme following gold level achievement including the concept of youth representatives and youth forums as well as a discussion on the role young people can play in supporting the Go-Ride Games.

What’s in it for young volunteers?
Young cyclists and volunteers are tomorrow’s international stars and society leaders. Those undertaking the Cycling Award for Young Volunteers programme can be a figure for younger members to relate to and an outlet through which to voice opinions.

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