Go-Ride Racing: One and All's first XC race at the new Bissoe circuit

Go-Ride Racing: One and All's first XC race at the new Bissoe circuit

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On the 2 February 2014, One and All's Youth Academy held their first XC race at the new circuit at Bissoe. The Go-Ride Racing competitors raced in glorious sunshine with everyone getting warmed up with a sprint lap then raced some laps in their age groups. Everyone seemed to enjoy the new skills track which, although not topped, still ran really well and produced some great racing.

After the races everyone gathered for goodie bags and Medals presented by Academy member and National 4X Champion Megan Wherry. Go-Ride Racing results:

Under 8
1st Erik Ellis
2nd Carne Edwards

Under 10
1st Becky Maynard
2nd Abby Martyn

Under 12 boys
1st Aaron Martyn
2nd Sam Medlyn
3rd Leon Stansfield

Under 12 girls
1st Lily Stansfield
2nd Tegan Davies

Under 14 boys
1st Tristan Davies
2nd Joe Maynard

Under 14 girls
1st Lerryn Eddy

Under 16
1st Cove Eddy

After lunch was the adult races, only five riders arrived to sign on, so a mixed group tested the new circuit headed by Maddie and Jay Horton from fully sussed. It was impressive to watch these experienced riders give it all for a practice, fun session, and testing the circuit.

The keen academy helpers made the day easy and today was a tester for future events and hopefully more riders will come and ride the Bissoe XC circuit.



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