Rider Development Sessions for U23 in the North West

Rider Development Sessions for U23 in the North West

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Article: Tom Hodgkinson

With every Olympic cycle comes a new whole sport plan to further develop the sport we love. We are now entering the first winter of the new programme that will take us all through the Rio Olympic Games; one of the focuses of the next four years is helping young people transition from the youth categories into the junior and senior competitions.

To cater for these changes, the Go-Ride coaching team in the North West would like to highlight the new 2013 winter programme that is on offer for junior and senior riders.

Starting in October, there will be weekly sessions delivered for Road and BMX club racing cyclists, organised on week night evenings by the Go-Ride Coaching team in conjunction with local clubs and the Talent Programme. These sessions will have a primary fitness focus for the evening and will culminate in progressive training exercises, driven by challenging the physical and technical needs of junior and senior racing cyclists.

Sessions for riders aged14 to 23 years:

Palatine Road Cycling Circuit

Tuesday 7pm - 9pm (starting 5 November)

Cost: £3, paid on the night or online here

Host: Tom Lievers

Tameside Road Cycling Circuit

Tuesday 7pm - 9pm (starting 15 October)

Cost: £3, paid online here

Host: Simon Wilson and Tom Hodgkinson

Preston BMX Track

Thursday 6pm - 8pm (every 2 weeks starting 3 October)

Cost: £3 members £5 non members, paid on the night

Host: Dylan Clayton and Phil Ball

The North West Team is working with the Regional Talent Development Coach, Tim Buckle, and these sessions can form part of a rider's cycling week throughout the winter, including club races, indoor training and Go-Ride club activities. These sessions will also be the forum for talent and development workshops, where club coaches and riders can access the support of the Talent and Development coach throughout the winter.

The sessions will be physically challenging, meeting the needs of the racing standards of junior and senior riders within the region. Every Tuesday evening session will have activities for riders to complete in their own time, continuing their progression throughout the week before the next group riding session.

There will be two blocks of coaching over the winter, pre and post Christmas. At the end of each block, riders will be entered into a coach-led racing session at the same venues; this will be a closed event for those riders who are regularly attending these Tuesday evening sessions.

Coaches from around the North West are also actively encouraged to come to the session with their riders, passing on club expertise and developing a strong racing-focussed coaching session. If you are a new coach to the sport of cycling, you are also welcome to come and observe this session, utilising the expert coaching for your own sessions.

For more information on each individual venue, please contact the following coaches:

Tom Leivers: Palatine Sessions – tomleivers@britishcycling.org.uk or 07534 281 261
Simon Wilson: Tameside Sessions – simonwilson@britishcycling.org.uk or 075342 81 258
Dylan Clayton: Preston BMX Sessions – dylanclayton@britishcycling.org.uk or 07534 281 260


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