Report: Ipswich BMX Go-Ride Racing Series

Report: Ipswich BMX Go-Ride Racing Series

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Go-Ride club Ipswich BMX recently staged the first round of its British Cycling Go-Ride Racing, Summer Series.

Glorious sunshine bathed the clubs Landseer Park track and with only a gentle breeze felt - the first straight conditions could not have been better.

Racing consisted of three classes of four motos (heats). Riders were ranked based on their finishing positions in each of the four motos.

The first (formula 3) saw a good mixture of experienced riders like 9 year old Abi Pike race against newcomers Luke and Jake Taylor. Abi’s experience shone through as she took the win in all four races. Luke Taylor was to finish second overall narrowly ahead of his older brother Jake who went home with a third placed medal.

Formula 2 was to be a highly competitive class. Despite crashing with Megan Grant in one moto, Alfie Cole did enough to earn third place. Consistent riding by Ethan Stearn was good enough to take second. Kyle Gladwell took the top spot in the class with three wins out of four, ensuring promotion to formula 1 for round two.

The final class of the evening was formula 1. Despite only limited practice John Lillingstone did enough to finish first ahead of a fast improving Alex Pike in second and Jake Newman in third.


Formula 3
1 Abi Pike
2 Luke Taylor
3 Jake Taylor
4 Hayden Gladwell
5 Oscar Everett

Formula 2
1 Kyle Gladwell
2 Ethan Stearn
3 Alfie Cole
4 Coby Newman
5 Ethan Milner-Moore
6 Megan Grant

Formula 1
1 John Lillingstone
2 Alex Pike
3 Jake Newman
4 Chris Cole
5 Lee Matthews

Round two of the Summer Series is at Landseer Park, Ipswich on May 21st. Registration closes at 6.30pm. For futher information please see the Ipswich BMX Club website here.


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