National Youth Forum - September

National Youth Forum - September

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The second meeting was held on Saturday 14th September at the University of London, near Tottenham Court Road. It started at 11o’clock and finished at approximately 4.30. There were ten representatives and two apologies.

Will and Hannah, the two members who were unable to attend the previous meeting started the day off by introducing themselves.  They gave us an overview of their volunteering activities and why they applied. With all the niceties out of the way the meeting had officially began. 

Liz Mather (Marketing and Communication Officer – Coaching, Education and Development) opened the next part of the meeting. Liz had been asked to attend to deliver some training publicising our roles as Youth Reps and our clubs as a whole. Liz began with the successes achieved since June; this included three radio interviews, one of which was aired on numerous occasions and numerous articles in local and national papers. A number of other successes achieved over the last three months included: working with Blue Peter on a cycling challenge; an organised town demonstration event; coaching and racing activities with the PM; and one of our Youth Reps being elected to sit on their regional board. Hearing about the successes really showed that the group had most definitely been busy.  

The two most important parts of the meeting were agreeing, on and signing our code of conduct and our mission statement, which I am sure, will be posted on the National Youth Forum page. The second was discussing how we felt the Go-Ride Conferences should be run next year; our ideas included: 

  • More interaction between youths and adults
  • Question and Answers (for the new and current young volunteers) with National Youth Forum Members
  • An opening National Youth Forum video to give an insight into what we do

Our next meeting is in December where we hope to pull more ideas together for our role at the conferences. Watch this space for more information.

Josh Fanner - October 2013


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