Youth Forum - June 2013

Youth Forum - June 2013

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Saturday 29th June saw the first meeting of the National Youth Forum. The forum has been formed of 12 pro-active young volunteers from all over the country with the idea for them to come together and share their thoughts and views of cycle sport as it currently is for youths.

Unfortunately two of the members were unable to make the meeting at the National Cycling Centre in Manchester but the remaining 10 made the most of it - after receiving a packed agenda a week or so prior to the meeting, everyone had an idea of what to expect.

The meeting kicked off with a bit of team-building to get every relaxed and talking, after which, we moved on to our prepared presentations talking about ourselves and what we would like to gain from and contribute to the forum. The rest of the day continued a similar theme mixing in active team-building type tasks with interactive discussions.

As a new development, some necessary set-up bits and pieces were required, including photos, profile information, code of conduct and the all-important mission statement; perhaps unsurprisingly, there were common themes and it wasn’t difficult for the group to agree.

Overall, it was a productive day and it was clear why each person had applied and been chosen for a place on the forum and there is no doubt that the enthusiastic members will make this forum work to the benefit of the current and future young people in cycling.

Steph Holmes - July 2013


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