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Welcome from your National Youth Reps for 2014/15! To find out a little bit more about how we first got into volunteering, what we get involved with in our clubs, and how we wish to change cycling for better, check out our profiles below.

If you have any questions for us, please don’t hesitate to ask by sending an e-mail with National Youth Forum Question in the subject line to

Josh Parker

I have been a volunteer at my club for a number of years and I am currently working towards my Platinum level. I am involved in a number of different areas including social media, organising the annual family ride and awards presentation and regularly attend the coaches meeting to represent the younger member's views. Although there are a number of opportunities already available for young people I would like to increase the options available to over 16's to prevent the drop off that is seen in so many sports.

Rebecca Maynard

I am currently working towards my Platinum Young Volunteers Award, having already completed Bronze, Silver & Gold in less than a year. I have volunteered in all aspects of the volunteering awards and I have particularly enjoyed the coaching aspect. I am looking forward to being part of the National Youth Forum, so that I can make a difference within a sport that I love, and be a voice for my peers.

Josh Fanner

I’m currently a student and in my spare time volunteer at Preston Park. My uncle has always cycled and after quitting football in 2011 I was looking for a new sport to take up, since then I have achieved my Gold award and am now well on my way to Platinum. I’m proud to be a member of the National Youth Forum and am excited by the prospect of being able to help develop programmes.  The Olympics served as a springboard for the upsurge of interest in cycling in the UK and I want to ensure there are opportunities for people from both cycling and non-cycling backgrounds to get involved.

Will Walsh

I am already working towards my Platinum Award and I am hoping to attend a Level 1 Award in Coaching Cycling later this year. I helped to set up the course for the European quadrathlon championships last year and have helped out with a number of other major events. I also regularly help out at club sessions and run the club's Facebook and YouTube pages. I want to ensure that the opportunities available to young people are promoted and feel my I.T and media skills can help drive this forward and hopefully lead to an even greater increase in youth cycling participation.

Jason Brown

I volunteer because I enjoy it, it gives me a great sense of pride and satisfaction and it has always been a fantastic opportunity for my personal development. I have taken part in a range of cycling activities, with a particular passion for coaching and officiating and I became a member of the regional board last year. I’ve gained hugely from my volunteering experience and I am excited to have the chance to be on the National Youth Forum and use my passion for volunteering to drive the sport forwards.

Caroline Humphreys

Hi I’m currently a student and I love Photography and Filming. I also love cycling especially Mountain Biking and thanks to British Cycling’s Cycling Award for Young Volunteers I have had the chance to complete my platinum award. I am now a member of the National Youth Forum which allows me to incorporate the two things I enjoy (photography and filming) with the sport I love. I am looking forward to the opportunity to be part of the development of British Cycling for Young People.

Steph Holmes

In 2005, I had the chance offering of my cousin’s unused bike when my uncle was clearing out his shed. Over the following two years I began to ride more and more before signing up with my local club. I then found myself volunteering; it turned out to be a rewarding way to get further involved while also being a great addition to riding. I have, and will continue, to get involved in as many areas of cycling as possible to further my knowledge and experience for use in coaching and talking to new riders, and of course in my position on the National Youth Forum.  I want to make sure there are opportunities and support for young riders to continue riding into adulthood.

Alex Reed

I only started volunteering last year but after becoming a British Cycling Young Volunteer, I became motivated to volunteer even more and have helped at a number of events over the past 12 months, which has let to me completing my Gold Award. I love volunteering because I feel that I have contributed to the sport and it allows me to meet new people, learn new skills and enjoy myself. It feels good to know that when the riders cross the line or step up onto the podium, I have in some small way, helped them get there. The National Youth Forum will allow me to share my passion for volunteering and develop further opportunities for young people to get involved.

Thomas Lane

I started volunteering 7 years ago after British Cycling came to my primary school and delivered Go-Ride sessions. When I first started volunteering I thought I would just lend a hand every now and then but I now volunteer on a regular basis at Stratford Cycling Club. Volunteering is not only fun but also rewarding and I have now achieved my Gold Award and completed my Level 1 Coaching Award. I feel that my experience of both racing and volunteering will help me to contribute to the National Youth Forum and I would like to see a reduction in the jump up from youth to junior racing. I am excited about the year ahead and the chance to see some of my ideas turned into reality.

Elizabeth Ruffley

I have always cycled and absolutely love it, I wanted to give something back to the sport and found volunteering an excellent opportunity. I enjoy guiding people to become better at everything particularly at the sport that I love. One of the areas of interest I have, is getting involved in the racing and coaching of young people to become successful in racing. In addition I enjoy getting more people involved and opening their eyes to the world of cycling. The biggest outcome I would like to see from being involved in the National Youth Forum is getting more teenagers involved in cycling, especially girls who seem to shy away from racing and recreational rides.

Molly Pattison

As a volunteer I have completed my Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum young volunteer awards with British Cycling. As a result of the confidence gained through achieving this I decided to create my own BMX team that consists of 20 riders aged 4- 15 racing at regional, national, European and world championship standard. I am looking forward to the next 12 months and think I will bring a fresh perspective to the group and be the voice of club level volunteers. I’ve found that sport is great for young people, able or disabled. Not only does it provide physical fitness and volunteering opportunities, but also friendship opportunities and a way of gaining recognition. I am passionate about promoting these benefits.

Caitlin Tromans

I have been cycling for 10 years at East Bradford Cycling Club. This has led me to take my level 1 coaching qualification and since achieving this I have coaching younger riders every Saturday morning. Volunteering gave me the confidence to to apply to be a volunteer at the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow 2014 and I am currently waiting to be hear whether I am successful. I am really pleased to be part of the National Youth Forum as I want to be able to voice my thoughts and opinions on how we can shape British Cycling and volunteering for the future generation. I feel proud to be part of a forum that can change my sport for the better.