A day in the life of a Go-Ride Coach

A day in the life of a Go-Ride Coach

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British Cycling employs over 20 Go-Ride Coaches across the country who support the work of volunteer coaches in our network of clubs.


Inspiration to participation

The role of the Go-Ride Coach is to help grow the number of young people participating in regular coaching and racing activities in Go-Ride clubs. This encompasses a wide range of activities, such as coaching in schools, delivering inter-school Go-Ride Racing events, assisting with coaching courses and Regional Schools of Racing. Go-Ride Coaches work hard to turn young people’s enthusiasm for cycling into membership of a Go-Ride club.


The weather may be turning colder, but the coaches continue to rise early, load their trailer full of bikes and travel all over the region promoting cycling to young people in schools. Usually, this involves coaching the same set of young people for a series of six coaching sessions over six weeks, culminating in a Go-Ride Race.

The schools that a Go-Ride Coach travels to are always within the catchment area of a Go-Ride community club. The school sessions are just one part of the Go-Ride Coach role and quite often they are followed by a trip to a local club for a club support session. Club support sessions take many forms, but are aimed at providing opportunities for the Go-Ride Coaches to be a familiar face for any school pupils attending the club for the first time. Club support sessions are also a valuable opportunity to share ideas on coaching activities and principles with the club.


Weekends are a peak time for Go-Ride coaching and Go-Ride Racing delivery, with plenty of opportunities for a Go-Ride Coach to get involved and support. Here are three examples of where you might find your Go-Ride Coach at the weekend:

Rider Development Sessions

These are dedicated open coaching sessions for riders aged 16 to 23 and additional sessions for women and girls only. They help riders to continue to benefit from coaching as they graduate from youth sessions and make the step up into senior competitions.

Coach Education Courses

Many Go-Ride Coaches refresh and update their knowledge by attending additional coaching courses, such as a Level 2 course in a specific discipline. When they’re not participating as a delegate, Go-Ride Coaches also act as a facilitator, processing key paperwork such as DBS checks and first aid certificates, as well as sharing examples

for new coaches.

Regional Schools of Racing

Go-Ride clubs nominate riders to attend Regional Schools of Racing. Go-Ride Coaches can be found assisting Talent Development Coaches, sharing good practice and assisting club coaches present on the day, facilitating the spread of knowledge from British Cycling staff to club volunteers, families and riders.

Tom Hodgkinson, Go-Ride coach in the North West, said:

 “A day in the life of a Go-Ride coach is long, exciting and never the same. Working with a range of riders and coaches from first bike race, to first step on the Olympic pathway, is a varied and stimulating role. The job keeps us all on our toes, trying our hardest to support all members in enjoying their time on the bike.”


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