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New Resources For Go-Ride Racing Clubs In 2013

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Posted: 15th January 2013
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British Cycling's Go-Ride Racing programme is about to enter its fourth year in good health, with 2012 having seen nearly 90 clubs deliver over 5000 opportunities for young people to get started in bike racing.

The Go-Ride Racing initiative specialises in providing local, entry-level competition for those under 16s who are new to competitive cycling. In response to the the volume of clubs who are signing up to deliver events, the Go-Ride team has introduced a new range of resources and giveaways in order to ensure that young people have the best possible experience when participating in their first Go-Ride Racing event.

Following feedback, Go-Ride clubs who register Go-Ride Racing events will now recieve additional resources and support to ensure that young people have the best possible experience when participating in their first Go-Ride Racing event.

The additional resources available to Go-Ride Racing clubs for every series of two, four or six races that they register are listed in the table below and provide Go-Ride Racing clubs with:

2 Race Series 4 Race Series  6 Race Series 
50 certificates  100 certificates  100 certificates

2 pairs of premikum cycling mtts

(full finger for BMX and Cycle speedway)

4 pairs of premium cycling mitts

(full finger for BMX and Cycle Speedway) 

12 pairs of premium cycling mitts

(full finger for BMX and Cycle Speedway)

6 x gold, silver and bronze medals 12 x gold, silver and bronze medals  18 x gold silver and bronze medals 
  50 red wrist bands 50 red wrist bands
    50 white wrist bands
     3 x gold silver and bronze trophies


These resources help to ensure each participant leaves with a memento (certificates and wrist bands), spot prizes to reward good performances not just winners (premium cycling mitts), medals for winners of races or categories and trophies for overall winners of a race or category

New developments for 2013 also include ability for clubs to work together if they wish to deliver a series of races and the development of a BMX and Cycle Speedway specific prizes and Go-Ride Racing Kit Bag. New clubs to Go-Ride Racing can view the resources available to their clubs at the following links:

Track, MTB and Road Clubs

BMX and Cycle Speedway Clubs

January will also see the delivery of the 2013 Welcome Pack to all Go-Ride Racing clubs. Describing how clubs can access support including example delivery formats, resources, advice on recruiting new riders and support available from the regional Go-Ride Coach

As we enter 2013 and the Go-Ride Racing programme continues to grow, these new resources and support will help Go-Ride clubs delivering Go-Ride Racing activities to provide young novice cyclists with the best possible first experience of competitive cycling.

For more information please contact go-rideracing@britishcycling.org.uk or 0161 274 2078 and clubs can find the Go-Ride Racing event registration form here