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How to teach your child to ride a bike

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Teaching your child to ride a bike 

Teaching a child to learn to ride a bike can make you feel like a superhero – and will open up all sorts of adventures for your family. With HSBC UK Ready Set Ride the process is as simple as playing together, with fun games designed to break learning to ride into easy to follow steps. 

Your child will learn at their own speed, so don’t worry if they don’t pick it up straight away! We split the process up into three simple stages: prepare to ride, balance, and pedals – and you don’t even need a bike to get started on the first stage.

How do I get started? 

You can read our guide on how to 'Get the most out of HSBC UK Ready Set Ride' here.

HSBC UK Ready Set Ride is broken down into 23 quick and easy activities that are perfect for playtime. You can find all of the videos on YouTube here, or for a more interactive learning experience you can register for the HSBC UK Ready Set Ride website here.

Help with buying a bike 

Having a suitable bike will make the learning process smoother and happier for everyone. If you need a bit of guidance, check out our guide to balance and pedal bikes, which includes handy tips on making your first bicycle a good investment.

Additional support 

Don’t worry if you’re struggling – help is at hand! In addition to the activity videos, we’ve also produced a comprehensive guide for each stage which is packed with additional hints and tips. Take a look now at the following links: 

Share your progress! 

Nothing makes us happier than seeing your little ones learn to ride with HSBC UK Ready Set Ride! Share your progress and success with us and other parents on social media – we’re @BritishCycling and #ReadySetRide. 


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