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Club Management Tool: Collect your club subscriptions online

Club Management Tool: Collect your club subscriptions online

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The Club Management Tool has been designed to make managing your club easier. One of the features of the Club Management Tool is that you can now invite your members to pay their club subscriptions using British Cycling’s secure web payment system.

There is no charge to the club and the money will be paid directly into your club’s chosen bank account. No more hassle of paying in cheques, managing spreadsheets or keeping tabs on which members have paid.

New and existing club members can pay their club subscriptions through your profile on the British Cycling club finder.  You can create your own subscription options to suit your club and it’s really easy to add custom information for club members to input, such as emergency contact details or kit size.

Automated confirmation emails for riders and club volunteers keep you up-to-date with who is joining and paying subscriptions, with all of the initial administration done for you. Once riders have subscribed, their details appear in your club member list and they will automatically be associated with your club.

Club secretary of Bolsover and District Cycling Club, Steve Crapper, welcomes the club subscription feature of the Club Management Tool. He said: The ability to collect payments online and have them deposited directly to the bank has completely eliminated the risk of handling cash, and the inconvenience of banking cheques. It’s a major step forward in convenience and efficiency for our club volunteers and our members.”

Get started today by logging in to the Club Management Tool through your dashboard on the British Cycling website and setting up your supplier account. Visit our guide for further tips and advice.

Top Tip

Keep your member list up-to-date with the membership manager and reporting tools. You can manage expiry dates and send reminder emails to collect outstanding payments.

Watch the video here to find out what else the tool can do for you and your club.

For help and advice using the Club Management Tool, please phone 0161 274 2094, email or visit Club Management Tool Frequently Asked Questions.


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