Go-Ride Tour cements legacy of the Tour de France

Go-Ride Tour cements legacy of the Tour de France

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Over 9,000 young people have taken part in a nationwide Go-Ride Tour, which was launched by British Cycling to secure the legacy of the Tour de France

In celebration of the Tour de France visiting our shores, British Cycling’s youth development programme, Go-Ride, launched a Go-Ride Tour to cement a lasting legacy from the Grand Depart.

Go-Ride Clubs across the country hosted over 240 entry-level events throughout the month of July, as part of the Go-Ride Tour. Open to any young people, the come-and-try sessions provided an opportunity for riders who were inspired by the Tour de France to emulate their cycling heroes.

  • A total of 241 come-and-try events took place as part of the Go-Ride Tour.
  • These events were hosted by volunteers at 129 Go-Ride Clubs across the country.
  • Over 9,000 young people got involved with the Go-Ride Tour.  
  • Out of these participants, over 3,800 took part in cycle sport for the first time.

At Go-Ride Tour events, young riders had the chance to win medals and t-shirts in the colours of the Tour de France jerseys – white, green, yellow and polka dot. Over the course of the month, participants received:

  • 13,100 certificates
  • 7,860 Go-Ride Tour wristbands
  • 2,620 Go-Ride Tour t-shirts
  • 1,965 medals
  • 131 USB sticks with event delivery support

British Cycling’s director of coaching, education and development, John Mills, said: “We have been overwhelmed by the number of young riders inspired to take part in the Go-Ride Tour and the efforts of dedicated volunteers across the country hosting so many events.

“They have contributed significantly to cementing the legacy of the Tour de France visiting our shores and the growth of the sport as a whole.”

The Go-Ride Tour has had a large impact on British Cycling’s Go-Ride Racing programme; a calendar of entry-level racing events for young people. A total of 54 Go-Ride Clubs that had never delivered an entry-level race before, decided to host a Go-Ride Racing event as part of the Go-Ride Tour. Of those 54 clubs, 29 have continued to deliver entry-level racing events.

In addition to Go-Ride Tour events hosted by clubs, British Cycling’s team of Go-Ride Coaches also held come-and-try events at festivals around the stages of the Grand Depart, giving even more young people the opportunity to get involved with the sport.

Jason Kenny, a world champion who was talent-spotted whilst riding for Sports City Velo Go-Ride Club, said: “It’s unbelievable to hear about all the young people inspired to get into cycling after watching events on the world stage and the Go-Ride Tour is a brilliant way for clubs to harness that inspiration and get more kids involved.”

To read a full report of the Go-Ride Tour, please click here.

The Go-Ride programme is British Cycling’s development programme for young people, providing a fun and safe way to experience the world of cycle sport. There are 300 Go-Ride clubs across the country, where young people are able to sample the various cycle sport disciplines in traffic-free environments. Over 60% of the Great Britain Cycling Team started out at Go-Ride Clubs.



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