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Coaching Young Riders Part 2 - Further training opportunities for coaches who attended the Go-Ride Conferences

The Go-Ride conferences were a huge success, providing learning opportunities for coaches in Go-Ride clubs. Coaches had the opportunity to share best practice and learn new strategies for building rapport and keeping the child at the centre of the coaching practice, by attending the very first delivery of the new Coaching Young Riders course.

The Go-Ride team don’t like waiting a year to see club volunteers and at the end of the conferences promised to deliver the second half of the Coaching Young Riders course in 2012. The second half concentrates on coaching the whole child and promoting a positive learning environment, involving discussions on dealing with challenging behaviour.

This is a great opportunity for delegates who attended the Go-Ride Conferences to continue their learning and complete the Coaching Young Riders course. Spaces are limited, so please confirm your attendance by completing the form at this link  and returning it to


Workshops (9.30am to 12.30pm)

  1. 19 October – National Cycling Centre Manchester
  2. 9 November – Bridgwater
  3. 17 November – Cyclo Park Kent
  4. 23 November – Leicester
  5. 23 November – Reading


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