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Becky James, Victoria Pendleton, Lizzie Armitstead, Laura Trott and Jess Varnish are all household names inspiring more women to cycle more often – be it for fun, health, the best form of sustainable transport or winning bike races.

British Cycling’s vision for women’s cycling sets out the ambition to get one million more women cycling. To help achieve that aim, the Go-Ride team has established female-only coaching sessions at cycling facilities around the country.

The British Cycling Development Coaching Sessions for Women and Girls will be delivered once a month by Go-Ride coaches, providing opportunities for women and girls to:

  • Ride together with others of similar ability ·
  • Learn techniques for proficient riding and racing, individually or as a group·
  • Ride together at traffic free cycling facilities·
  • Build confidence and the skill base for possible progression into racing

The Go-Ride programme has made a massive difference to participation levels so far, with females accounting for over 40% of participants in the scheme. The Breeze network has also supported this increase in female riders. Now, the British Cycling Development Coaching sessions will provide more opportunities for women and girls to develop their skills and confidence before progressing into racing. It is a major opportunity for us to shift the culture and accessibility of a sport that has become so successful and high profile in the UK to date. We want to see cycling become a normal activity for more women, enabling them to aspire to progress in the sport with the right support at every level.

For more information about British Cycling Development Coaching Sessions for Women and Girls delivered by the Go-Ride Coach in your area, please call a member of the Go-Ride team on 0161 274 2070

Women & Girls Sessions at Manchester Velodrome

To kick-start the new programme, a series of coach led activities have been set up at Manchester Velodrome. The first session took place on Sunday 16 June, where three groups of females accessed the track on a rotational basis, while receiving feedback and instruction from coaches. Two of the groups were under 16s and the other was a group of 20 female adult riders.


Each rider was given the opportunity to get accustomed to riding the fixed wheel and exploring the contours and sensations of riding the banked wooden track, while gradually progressing to riding in small groups.

Cycling is unique as a sport, in that it provides riders of all abilities with the opportunity to use world-class facilities, which play host to major international races (how many people have played football at Wembley?). The velodrome is an excellent location for the female-only sessions and we look forward to welcoming more riders at the follow-up sessions throughout the year – both at Manchester Velodrome and at other facilities across the country.

Katie Adams of Go-Ride club Sheffield Stars CSC said about the session “It was great! I got up to the blue line and went really fast when coming back down the bankings. I hope to go faster next time.”

Go-Ride Coach Kim Meadows commented “I was really pleased with how much the riders enjoyed the session and how much they achieved. For some of the women and girls it was their first time on the track and they are learning the ability to ride high around the bankings and also in small groups.”

If you have been inspired to ride and want to get involved in your nearest Go-Ride Coaching session for Women and Girls please contact 0161 274 2070 or visit to find sessions in your local area.


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