Braintree Bullets BMX Launch Their New Track

Braintree Bullets BMX Launch Their New Track

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Forty-Five miles from the site of the London 2012 Olympic Stadium Go-Ride Clubmark club Braintree Bullets BMX train and race on a weekly basis. While on a tour promoting regional events Lord Coe paid a visit to the club to take a look at their wonderful new BMX track. Braintree Bullets BMX utilised their share (approx £50,000) of the £2 million investment in facilities by Essex County Council and completely refurbished their track to a National Standard BMX facility.

With 3 years to go before the Olympics arrive on these shores this is a huge boost to the club and Lord Coe left the site in no doubt as to how pleased the young people were with the new track and with how much fun they have training and racing with Braintree Bullets. In fact, the whole Eastern region were left in no doubt as to the quality of

the new track and activities because the regional news teams were present and broadcast Lord Coe's visit into millions of homes (

Despite developing their track to a national standard Braintree Bullets BMX have more plans to develop their facility with £27,000 secured by the club to create a car park and plans to bid for monies required to build a pavilion. All these plans are excellent and are designed to remove barriers to participation. The car park will provide safe secure place for families to park and a venue that when cordoned off, will allow young riders to practice basic bike riding skills before progressing to the BMX track. The pavilion will also stimulate an increase in participation if the club are successful in developing it, because providing changing facilities will allow riders to change and shower at the facility in private so, people can prepare for their riding in comfort.

Well done and good luck to Braintree Bullets BMX club. Funding is also available for all clubs who have a plan to develop their club and its activities. For information on some possible source visit



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