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2012 Olympic Qualification Criteria Announced

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2012 Olympic Qualification Criteria Announced

Posted May 7 2010

Photography By Phil O'Connor

UCI Olympic Homepage

The UCI have announced the qualification criteria for cycling at the 2012 London Olympic Games. Outlining the standards required for each nation to receive a pre-set rider allocation, these regulations detail the standard each Olympic nation must reach to participate in the Games.

After qualifying to participate, riders will be selected to represent their nation in the Games - in Great Britain's case British Cycling will select all riders to star in the Team GB lineup.

Olympic cycling events include Track, Road, BMX and Mountain Bike Cross Country, the qualification criteria for each can be viewed on the official UCI website.

UCI Olympic Homepage

Nations Qualification Documents:
Mountain Bike Cross Country

Headline Figures:

Only one athlete or team from each nation will be eligible to compete in each event.

All selections must be confirmed by June 15 2012.

Great Britain automatically qualifies two places for the BMX competition, with a maximum of three men and two women to ride in total.

All selections must be confirmed by June 15 2012.

Mountain Bike Cross Country:
There will be a maximum of five places available - three for men and two for women. This allocation will be determined by nations' UCI Olympic Rank; the combined UCI point total of a nations top three ranked mountain bikers.

Nations ranked 1-5 qualify the maximum of three men, 6-13 ranked have two men, while those 14-24 one male athlete. Nations ranked 1-8 qualify two women, 9-18 qualify one woman.

All selections must be confirmed by June 15 2012.


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