Kyle Evans targets return to form for BMX world championships

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Great Britain’s Kyle Evans is hoping to reach both the time-trial superfinal and supercross final at only his second senior BMX world championships in Rotterdam this weekend.

Evans aims to recapture the form that saw him finish fifth at the opening round of the supercross world cup in Manchester and make time-trial superfinal appearances in Berlin and Papendal.

Such results are in contrast with his most recent performance at the European Championships, where he failed to make the main, however Evans is insistent the disappointment only adds to his motivation.

“I didn’t get the result I was looking for in Denmark so really that has splashed a bit of petrol on the fire.

“My preparation for the world championships has been going pretty decent up until now, I’ve had a pretty successful season, hit a lot of targets that I’d planned throughout the year.”

The blip in performance from the second year British Cycling Olympic Academy Programme athlete has come after continued progression to become competitive at the highest level of international competition.

Evans hopes experience gained from 2013 – his first senior world championships appearance – will see him through to the concluding stages of both time-trial and supercross competitions.

“It’s my second senior world championships, the first one didn’t go that great so I think I’ve learned a lot since then. I’ve got a lot stronger and a lot faster so it’s just about doing the processes and taking it step by step. Once it’s done it’s done really and we’ll see how it happens.

“My main aim is to get over there, get in the top 16 in the time trial, into the superfinal, then just try and let everything out and try and make a medal if I can.

“The day after we’re racing, so get through the qualifiers and then hopefully have good picks for each race, have the inside, good starts and just try and get to the final really. That’s what I’d really like.”

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