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We've been following the exploits of British Cycling BMX riders and , who are on work experience. An essential element of their overall personal development, the placement helps to ensure that their athlete commitments are balanced with experiences outside cycling. In his latest blog, Dan explains his duties in the latest week.

This week I was working with Adil on a couple of Alfa Romeos. The first one had a partial engine rebuild so he explained what went wrong and how he fixed it. When the parts were in place we used a computer to carry out an engine check and see how it was running, clearing the system.

We then worked on a car where the window frame had snapped. We replaced the frame and gave the car a service.

Bauer Millett is moving garages on Friday and will have 12 ramps instead of the four they currently have.

This will mean a huge increase in the volume of jobs that the garage can do. It will also be closer to the car showroom so everything will be in one area. It will be good to  have the opportunity to visit the showroom and  see how things are run there.

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