U23/ Juniors European Track Championships 2013

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U23/ Juniors European Track Championships 2013
Location: Sangalhos High Performance Centre, Anadia, Portugal
Event: 9-14 July 2013


Day 6

Women's U23 omnium

Laura Trott entered the last day of the women's omnium in third place with three events still to go. After clocking a time of 3:33.933 in the individual pursuit, nearly two and a half seconds clear of anyone else, she put herself into second place after four events. After a fifth place in the punultimate event, the scratch race, she then recorded 35.909 in the final event, the 500m time trial. This secured an overall win for Trott, her third European title of the week.

Women's U23 keirin

The competition started with two heats in the first round with the first two past the line to qualify through. Current senior world champion Becky James finished second in her heat but Victoria Williamson finished third, meaning she would have to fight her way back through the repecharges. Unfortunately for Williamson, this didn't quite go to plan and she found herself in the 7-12 final later that evening. In the finals, Becky James placed sixth overall and Williamson ninth.

Men's U23 keirin

In the men's event, the first two riders past the line gained qualification to the semi-finals. Kian Emadi placed second in his heat and went straight though but Callum Skinner had to earn his place in the semis via the repecharges. In the semi-finals, Emadi came third in his heat earning him a place in the 1-6 final but Skinner came fifth so found himself fighting for seventh place in the 7-12 final. At the conclusion of both finals,Emadi placed fourth and Skinner tenth overall.

At the conclusion of the competition in Portugal Great Britain won three gold medals, two silvers and a bronze overall.

Day 5

Women’s U23 omnium

Laura Trott got her omnium campaign started with a 14.743 in the flying lap placing her third overall. After a ninth place in the points race, she faced her signature event in the omnium, the elimination race which she duly won with ease. At the halfway mark, she currently sits in third place with the remaining three events to decide the medal order later this evening.

Men’s U23 omnium

In the second day of the men’s omnium, Jonathan Dibben faced the individual pursuit, scratch and kilo. After placing second in both the pursuit and scratch, Dibben went into the final event in fifth place. After a 1:04.906 in the kilo, the Southampton rider finished in fifth place overall with 28 points.

Women’s U23 500m time trial

The 500m time trial saw podium programme riders Victoria Williamson and Becky James compete over the two lap distance. Williamson clocked a 20.017 over the first lap, crossing the line after two laps in 35.580. James recorded a first lap split of 19.846 and stopped the clock in a time of 35.106. After all 11 heats, James finished in sixth place while Williamson finished in seventh.

The final day of competition hosts both the men’s and women’s keirin and will see if the Olympic omnium champion Laura Trott can do enough to get on top of the podium for the third time this week.

Day 4

Men's U23 Omnium

Jonathan Dibben started the day off with a fifth place in the flying lap in a time of 13.701. The points race followed shortly after and he placed 13th with two points. The first day of the two day event concluded with the elimination race which saw Dibben place fourth. He goes into the second day in fifth place overall with the individual pursuit, scratch and the kilometre time trial still to go.

Men's U23 Sprint

Callum Skinner lost out in the semis to Balzer of Germany meaning that he would face Hugo Haak of the Netherlands in the minor final. He eventually placed fourth overall.

Women's U23 scratch

Both double European gold medallist Laura Trott and double silver medallist Elinor Barker started for Great Britain in the women’s scratch. At the end of the 40 laps Trott placed sixth overall and Barker in 20th.

Men's U23 scratch

Owain Doull came through his qualification heat in ninth place with the first 10 to qualify to the final. He placed seventh overall at the conclusion of the 60 laps.

In addition to the conclusion of the men's omnium, day 5 sees Becky James and Victoria Williamson go against the clock in the 500m time trial. Laura Trott will also begin her campaign in the omnium starting with the flying lap.

Day 3

Women’s U23 points race

Laura Trott won her second gold medal and European championship jersey of the competition last night and Elinor Barker won her second silver, this time in the women’s points race. Trott finished with a total of 41 points, nine points clear of silver medallist Barker.

Men’s U23 points race

In the men’s event, Great Britain’s Owain Doull finished in sixth place in the qualifying round earlier in the day, with the first 10 riders to go through to the final later on in the evening. Doull eventually finished in 11th place with a total of 13 points at the end of 160 laps.

Women’s U23 sprint

The 200m qualifying event kicked off proceedings on day 3 and saw Victoria Williamson post a time of 11.443 and current senior world champion Becky James post 11.570 placing them sixth and eighth respectively. Williamson won her first round against Daria Shmeleva of Russia but James lost hers to Yesna Rijhoff of the Netherlands meaning she would have to fight for a place in the next round via the repecharges. James made it through to the quarter finals after winning her repecharge but lost out to Olivia Montauban of France 2-0 in the quarters. Williamson found herself in the same position when she lost 2-0 to Anastasiia Voinova of Russia. James eventually placed sixth overall and Williamson eighth in the 5-8 final at the end of the evening session.

Men’s U23 sprint

The men’s event saw Kian Emadi post a time of 10.256 and Callum Skinner a time of 10,326 in the 200m time trial. Both riders won their respective first rounds and went straight through to the 8th finals. Skinner went through his 8th final ride but Emadi found himself having to come back through the repecharges, which he duly did. Emadi eventually placed sixth after losing out to Pavel Kelemen of the Czech Repulic in the quarter finals. Skinner will face Erik Balzer of Germany in heat 2 of the semi Finals today.

Day 4 will also see Jonathan Dibben start his campaign in the first day of the men’s under 23 omnium as well as Owain Doull in the under 23 scratch race. Both Elinor Barker and Laura Trott will compete in the women’s scratch later on this evening.

Day 2

Women’s U23 individual pursuit

The day started off with the under 23 women’s individual pursuit which saw Olympic Podium Programme rider Laura Trott and Olympic Podium rider Elinor Barker compete for a place in the finals later on in the evening. Trott stopped the clock in a time of 3:32.402 and Barker in 3:35.101 placing them in first and second spot respectively meaning they would face each other for the gold medal ride later that day.

In the women’s individual pursuit final, Laura Trott sealed the top spot on the podium with a time of 3:32.478 with Elinor Barker taking the silver in a time of 3:37.468.

Women’s U23 team sprint

Shortly afterwards it was the turn of the women’s sprinters to set a time for finals qualification in the under 23 team sprint. Great Britain’s Victoria Williamson and Becky James went in the third and final heat and set a time of 34.633. This placed them in third place overall after all six teams had gone meaning they would face Poland in the minor final for a place on the podium.

In the final, Williamson and James took the bronze in a time of 34.510 beating Poland by just over 1.3 seconds.

The action continues today with both the women’s individual sprint as well as the men’s individual sprint (both of which conclude tomorrow). The endurance riders will also compete in the men’s and women’s points race which will round off day three in Portugal.

Day 1

Men’s U23 kilometre time trial

British Cycling Olympic Podium Programme athlete Kian Emadi finished in fifth place in the kilometre time trial. The 20-year-old rider from Stoke-on-Trent finished in an overall time of 1:02.186, just under 0.27 seconds behind the gold medal time from Wagner of the Czech Republic.

Fellow Olympic Podium Programme athlete Callum Skinner rode a time of 1:03.568 placing him seventh overall in the championship. Skinner suffered a setback after a wheel slip just after he exited the starting gate.

Men’s U23 individual pursuit

British Cycling Olympic Academy Programme riders Owain Doull and Jonathan Dibben placed seventh and eighth respectively in the men’s under 23 individual pursuit. Doull finished the 16 laps in a time of 4:26.199 whilst Dibben stopped the clock in 4:27.452.

The action continues today with world championship bronze medallists Becky James and Victoria Williamson in the women’s under 23 team sprint. Laura Trott and Elinor Barker will also compete in the women’s under 23 individual pursuit later on today.

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