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Track World Cup Classics – Great Britain's women start world record run

Track World Cup Classics – Great Britain's women start world record run

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Ahead of the Glasgow Track World Cup this November in the Sir Chris Hoy Velodrome, we are taking a look back at some memorable Great Britain Cycling Team moments from home Track World Cups. First up, this year’s London round and the start of a remarkable run.

The stage was set at the Olympic Velodrome in February when the final round of the 2011-12 UCI Track World Cup visited the capital, in a meeting which was doubling as the London Games test event.

A partisan crowd of 6,000 were gathered and in the evening session on day two they witnessed what would become – unknown to them – the start of an incredible run of world records from Great Britain in the women’s team pursuit.

Having finished behind Canada in qualifying, Great Britain deployed the trio of Laura Trott, Joanna Rowsell and Dani King in the final. Moments earlier Australia had set a new world record in their bronze medal ride against the Netherlands but the British three were undaunted and ultimately untouchable as they powered to a new record in front of rapturous support.

“I think the world record is going to come tumbling down to be honest. We can’t lose focus now.”

Dani King's prediction after the London Track World Cup

Speaking after the ride Dani King predicted: “I think the world record is going to come tumbling down to be honest, the world cup proved that with all the teams stepping up. We can’t lose focus now.”

Her premonition was correct. The world championships in Melbourne were next and like in London, Australia claimed the WR in qualifying only for Great Britain to go better. In the final, it was Great Britain again who took victory in a new world record.

The London Olympics brought the action back to the UK and there Trott, King and Rowsell would break their own benchmark a further three times – making it a tally of six successive world records.

Of course, before the world’s best track cyclists return to Great Britain for the Glasgow Track World Cup, there is opening round of the series in Cali, Colombia. Will Great Britain’s women still hold the record come 16 November? If they do, can they continue their astounding run? Or will there be a new challenger to their dominance?

The Sir Chris Hoy Velodrome in Glasgow will hold the answers.


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