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On Tuesday I arrived home from Australia after a long 36 hours of travelling but I felt surprisingly OK having been lucky enough to fly home business class. I spent a chilled day at home on Wednesday but then had a packed two days of media work in London planned for Thursday and Friday! I don’t usually get much opportunity to do this sort of thing as I am always busy training, but this week I had a few days off to recover after the track worlds, so made the most of it!

Joanna with Daybreak presenters John Stapleton and Kate Garraway

First up on Thursday was a trip to Trevor Sorbie’s hair salon in Covent Garden. With him I went to Trendco which is a wig company that do the most amazing wigs, and I tried on some new wigs and then Trevor styled one for me. This was the first time I have had a wig styled to suit me so I felt very privileged and special! I then went to Oxford Street and had a personal shopper in Debenhams to help me choose an outfit for going on Daybreak the following day. I grew up in London but this was actually my first time shopping in Oxford Street! It was great to get some advice about what suits me as I usually spend the majority of my time in a tracksuit...

From Oxford Street I travelled to Stratford where I met up with a team from Look magazine for a photo shoot at the London Velodrome. They had some lovely dresses for me to wear and it was great having a makeup artist do my makeup and a stylist to help with the outfits and accessories. They took some beautiful shots and I can’t wait to see the finished article! It should be out early May so watch out for it!

Thursday night was spent at a hotel in the West End with my Publicist ahead of going on Daybreak on Friday morning. I was due on at 7:20am so it was going to be an early start! Luckily the jet lag meant I had been falling asleep early and waking up early so it wasn’t too bad. I had my make up done at the hotel by a fantastic make-up artist called Michael Phillips, and I wore my new wig that had been styled the day before, plus my outfit from Debenhams. It was a great experience to go to a TV studio as I have never done that before. I was very impressed with how smoothly everything ran, as it must be difficult to coordinate so many people on a live TV show. I found it all very interesting and the presenters Kate and John were very friendly.

After some breakfast it was time to head to the Daily Mail offices for another photo shoot! I am getting quite used to the makeup and styling process now!! I am a columnist for the Daily Mail running up to the Olympics so it was great to meet the sports editor, the staff and have a look around where everyone works. But after that I was kept busy as we needed to do five different outfits for the photo shoot, plus one of me in my cycling kit. I also had to have some pictures taken there for Elle Magazine as well. The Daily Mail stylist had loads of clothes for me to choose from and it was great to pick the styles I liked. Andy, the photographer, was excellent and we got some awesome shots so I am looking forward to seeing them soon!

I had a fun two days enjoying being pampered and getting dressed up, but now I am back on my bike and training hard on the roads down in Surrey. It is business as usual for me! I have an endurance block which will include lots of road racing, crits and time trials, before heading to Majorca to finish off with some hard riding in the hills with the other girls. I really enjoy this sort of training and it will be good to do some racing for my team Matrix Fitness – Prendas, as the rest of the time up to the Olympics will be spent on the track.

I have received lots of support from my team, my personal sponsors and fans and would like to thank you all for all your messages. They really mean a lot to me.

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