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UCI Disability Cycling Grand Prix of Wales 2010

Event Sunday 16th May | Newport Velodrome (Wales), Photos: Christina Kelkel
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As well as setting a World Record, the GB Team Sprint riders were also rewarded with some stylish trophies. L-R, Terry Byrne, Richard Waddon and Jody Cundy.

The 5th UCI Disability Grand Prix of Wales was held at Newport (Wales) last Sunday with riders from Brazil, South Africa, Romania, Spain, Belgium, France, Slovenia and Ireland competing against a Great Britain team. Now an established P1 World ranking event in the UCI calendar, this year’s Grand Prix was the first track event in the World to utilise the new classification system implemented by the UCI in January 2010 and will follow the programme format to be used at the London 2012 Paralympics.

The event is on the European calendar as a P1 event which means it is a Points scoring event towards a nation’s ranking for the end of the year but crucially, not a qualifying event for London 2012. The race programme was also a major test for the teams with the events being held over the one day whereas in London 2012, they will be held over three days.

For the GB team, the day of racing proved to be very important as they looked to bring all their coaches up to speed with the races so that they can provide their riders with the best support possible, not just in training but in forthcoming major events including the 2012 Paracycling Games.

The GB team’s head coach, Chris Furber explained that because there are so few events on the track for Paracycling, they felt it was an important  opportunity for the riders to have a good hit out early season that they could peak for. They can now back off before starting their training for the World Track Championships which the teams hope will fall at the end of the year some where in Europe.

Above: Scottish power... Craig MacLean and Neil Fachie on their way to a world best in the flying 200.

The competition at Newport says Chris Furber was very good. “There were a lot of the big nations like the Spanish, Irish, Romanians as well as others like South Africa competing. GB had a very big squad competing with riders from our Podium, Academy and Talent programmes.”

It was added the GB coach, the first time that all three levels have raced at the one competition and where as the Podium riders were looking for performances, the others were looking to improve and press home the fact they may be close to being competitive for medals. One of the very familiar faces there was former World track champion Craig Maclean.

The Scottish rider, explained Chris, was still not eligible for world records and scoring nation points and doesn’t become so until November but GB were lucky the organisers let him race as part of a block of racing that will include the Tandem Championships on the 23rd of May.

When asked how the day went for the Great Britain team, Chris replied “it was a mixed bag today. Craig and Neil did exceptional in their Kilo and also in the sprint and their 10.30 would have been a World record had Craig been eligible so that is really good news. They were also only a hairs breathe off the World record in the kilo.

Ellen Hunter & Aileen MacGlynn

Ellen and Aileen were very solid again with their performances and Jody was likewise very solid with his kilo after we tried a different approach to the event and that worked well. Mark Bristow went very well too but some of the best performances came from the Academy and Development riders and in particular Terry Byrne”.

He stepped up to the plate and did a 1.10.5 in the kilo which I think would put him on the podium at World level and he beat the guy who was second in the Worlds who was also here. And then he rode the Team Sprint and they set a new Worlds best in the new format. That was a highlight of the day for me, to have two new riders in there, with no Darren Kenny or Mark Bristow, and they went only a shade slower than we went at the Worlds last year. That was a really awesome performance.

The French were just one of many international teams competing at Newport.


MALE BVI 1000m Time Trial
Neil Fachie /Craig Mclean, Gbr               1.03.093
Simon Jackson / Barney Storey, Gbr      1.04.392
Anthony Kappes / David Readle, Gbr     1.04.613
Michael Delaney / Con Collis, IRL          1.08.536
Andrew Fitzgerald / Paul Giblin, IRL       1.11.694
Yann Vergeylen / Cyrille Santerre, FRA  1.16.417

FEMALE BVI 3000m Pursuit
Aileen MacGlynn / Eleen Hunter, Gbr           3.41.485
Catherine Walsh / Francine Meehan  IRL   3.50.023
Clair Butler / Fiona Meade  IRL                     4.20.096

MALE C1-C2-C3 1000m Time Trial

Vitório Silvestre  BRA        C1  2.08.990
Mark Colborne  GBR        C2  1.33. 067
Stuart Trow  GBR              C2  1.45.077
Colin Lynch  IRL                C3  1.23.658
James Brookman  GBR  C3  1.24.816
Martin Christmas  GBR   C3  1.27.427

FEMALE C4-C5 3000m Pursuit
Roxanne Burns  RSA  C4  4.39.763
Crystal Lane    GBR     C5  4.24.099

MALE C4 4000m Pursuit
Carol Eduard Novak     ROU  4.49.385
Janos  Plekker              RSA  5.09.948
Shaun McKeown          GBR  5.11.022
Enda Smyth                   IRL  5.21.450
Stephan Herholdt         RSA  6.13.007

MALE C5 4000m Pursuit
Russ White                       GBR  5.00.795
John-Allan Butterworth   GBR  5.13.090
Alain Goolaerts                BEL  5.13.798
Tim Challinor                   GBR  5.22.501
Imre Torok                        ROU  5.27.170
Dominic Walls                 IRL  5.51.018
Irish  Matcheke                RSA  5.52.605

MALE BVI 4000m Pursuit
Michael Delaney / Con Collis     IRL 4.42.884
Andrew Fitzgerald / Paul Giblin  IRL 4.44.284

FEMALE BVI 1000m Time Trial
Aileen MacGlynn / Eleen Hunter           GBR 1.10.025
Catherine Walsh / Francine Meehan   IRL 1.16.519
Clair Butler / Fiona Meade                     IRL 1.24.025

MALE C3 3000m Pursuit
Richard Waddon                          GBR  3.46.050
Colin Lynch                                   IRL  4.07.971
James Brookman                       GBR  4.25.823
Martin Christmas                        GBR  4.31.127


Qualification Round
Neil Fachie / Craig Mclean                GBR 10.309
Simon Jackson / Barney Storey        GBR 10.752
Anthony Kappes / David Readle       GBR 10.492
Michael Delaney / Con Collis            IRL 11.090
Jose Lareo/ Jose Trindad                  ESP 11.335
Andrew Fitzgerald / Paul Giblin         IRL  12.472
Yann Vergeylen / Cyrille Santerre     FRA 12.537

Semi Final
SF 1
Neil Fachie / Craig Mclean             GBR 10.675
Michael Delaney / Con Collis           IRL

SF 2
Anthony Kappes / David Readle     GBR 11.438
Simon Jackson / Barney Storey       GBR

Minor Final
Andrew Fitzgerald / Paul Giblin        IRL
Won by ride over
Yann Vergeylen / Cyrille Santerre  FRA

 3rd-4th Place Match
Michael Delaney / Con Collis          IRL
Won by ride over
Simon Jackson / Barney Storey     GBR

1st – 2nd Place Match
1  Neil Fachie / Craig Mclean          GBR 11.535
2  Anthony Kappes / David Readle  GBR

 MALE C1-C2 3000m Pursuit
Vitório Silvestre BRA                C1  6.23.915
Mark Colborne GBR                C2  4.44.608
Stuart Trow GBR                      C2  5.15.341

MALE C4 1000m Time Trial
Jody Cundy                          GBR  1.06.381
Terry Byrne                          GBR  1.10.538
Carol Eduard Novak          ROU  1.11.409
Enda Smyth                         IRL    1.15.537
Janos  Plekker                   RSA  1.15.846
Stephan Herholdt              RSA  1.17.284
Shaun McKeown               GBR  1.18.447
Kris Bosmans                   BEL  1.18.785

FEMALE C4-5 500m Time Trial
Crystal Lane                    GBR  43.417
Roxanne Burns               RSA  43.766

Male C5 1000m Time Trial
Mark Bristow                      GBR  1.10.286
John-Allan Butterworth    GBR  1.10.482
Russ White                       GBR  1.13.754
Imre Torok                         ROU  1.15.590
Alain Goolaerts                 BEL  1.17.118
Tim Challinor                    GBR  1.20.081
Irish  Matcheke                 RSA  1.20.204
Dominic Walls                GBR  1.20.552

MIixed Team Sprint

South Africa                           57.842
Janos  Plekker    RSA
Roxanne Burns    RSA
Stepahn Heroldt    RSA

Ireland                                    58.659
Enda Smyth    IRL
Colin Lynch    IRL
Dominic Walls    IRL

Great Britain                          51.208 New World Record
Richard Waddon    GBR
Jody Cundy     GBR
Terry Byrne    GBR


Great Britain                           50.501 New World Record
Richard Waddon    GBR
Jody Cundy     GBR
Terry Byrne    GBR

South Africa                            57.108
Janos  Plekker    RSA
Roxanne Burns    RSA
Stepahn Heroldt    RSA