Para-cycling at London 2012: Track schedule
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Thursday 30 August 2012

Women's Individual C1-C2-C3 Pursuit

9:30am - Qualifications
4:00pm - Final

Women's Individual C4 Pursuit

10:05am - Qualifications
4:25pm - Final

Women's Individual C5 Pursuit

10:40am - Qualifications
4:50pm - Final

Men's Individual B Pursuit

11:15am - Qualifications
5:15pm - Final

Men's Individual C1-2-3 1km Time Trial

2:00pm - Final

Friday 31 August 2012

Women's Individual B 1km Time Trial

9:30am - Final

Men's Individual C1 Pursuit

10:20am - Qualifications
3:45pm  - Final

Men's Individual C2 Pursuit

11:05am - Qualifications
4:10pm - Final

Men's Individual C3 Pursuit

11:50am - Qualifications
4:35pm - Final

Men's Individual C4-5 1km Time Trial

2:00pm - Final

Saturday 1 September 2012

Men's Individual B 1km Time Trial

9:30am - Final

Men's Individual C4 Pursuit

10:25am - Qualifications
3:15pm - Final

Men's Individual C5 Pursuit

11:35am - Qualifications
3:40pm - Final

Women's Individual C1-2-3 500m Time Trial

2:00pm - Final

Women's Individual C4-5 500m Time Trial

2:25pm - Final

Sunday 2 September 2012

Men's Individual B Sprint

9:30am - Qualifications
10:45am - Quarter-finals
2:00pm - Semi-finals
2:55pm - Final

Women's Individual B Pursuit

10:00am - Qualifications
2:40pm - Final

Mixed C1 to 5 Team Sprint

11:35am - Qualifications
3:25pm - Final

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