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Great Britain Cycling Team Home Page

GB Paralympic Cycling Team 

The Great Britain Paralympic Team is an integral part of the Lottery-funded national team. The team has its own dedicated staff and a number of dedicated athletes who have performed with great distinction in recent years: The team came home with three Gold, one Silver and two Bronze medals after the Athens Paralympics in 2004.

Cycling was introduced as a Paralympic Sport, in Seoul in 1988 and is now practised in more than 40 countries. Depending on disability classification, riders use a bicycle, tricycle, tandem or handcycle. The competition programme includes Road and Track events for both men and women, with cyclists grouped together according to classification. The main Cycling events are the Paralympic Games; World Championships; European Championships; World Cups and the National Championships.

The Disability Programme runs alongside the able bodied Programmes and it has the sole aim of winning Paralympic Gold medals. Membership of the programme is therefore only open to athletes who are eligible to compete in the Paralympic Games.

Athletes are reviewed annually following either the World Championships or Paralympic Games and the programme runs January through to December. At this review, athletes are either retained, removed or new athletes invited to be part of the programme for the forthcoming season based on results and a performance matrix of the previous season.

As with able bodied athletes the Disability Programme is athlete-centred but coach led. Every athlete agrees to goals at an annual review to provide a performance pathway that will hopefully take them all the way to the top of the Paralympic Podium. Individual training programmes for the UKSport funded athletes are written by the Programme Coaches to reflect these goals.

Currently support is provided to 8 athletes funded by UKSport. Additional athletes obtain support through the Talented Athlete Scholarship Scheme (TASS) for athletes in full time education or through the "Fastrack" programme administered and run by the British Paralympic Association.

The numbers of athletes on the British Cycling Disability Programme is set using the estimated athlete quota for the next Paralympic Games. Selection for major championships is not exclusive to athletes funded by UKSport or on the Disability Programme and selection criteria for all major championships is available on this website.