2010 GB Cycling Team Admission Guidelines

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2010 GB Cycling Team Admission Guidelines

Posted June 29, 2010

Following the Athens Olympic Games, UK Sport introduced a new 'Performance Investment Strategy' aimed at maximising the number of Olympic medals and medallists in Beijing 2008. The new investment strategy could be considered a much more ruthless approach to encouraging sporting success. Rather than distribute funding ‘equally’, this new approach unashamedly targets athletes and sports capable of winning Olympic medals.

Sports that have a track record of delivery, are well supported; reinforcing effective performance strategies whilst those that are failing to achieve the highest possible level, find themselves under intense scrutiny. It is a strategy designed to reinforce the best, support the developing, and provoke change in those underperforming. UK Sport’s ultimate goal for London 2012 is now clear and unequivocal: “Fourth place in the 2012 Olympic medal table and a top two finish in the Paralympic medal table.

The London 2012 Olympic Games is the paramount focus of our Olympic Programmes. To view the GB Cycling Olympic Programmes 2010 Selection and Retention Guidelines document, click here - Download

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