Kyle Evans in search of more BMX success in 2015

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After a breakout season in 2014, Kyle Evans is in search of greater success following a winter of uninterrupted training.

The British Cycling Olympic Podium Programme athlete enjoyed making his first UCI BMX Supercross World Cup final in Manchester and proved it was no fluke by repeating the feat Berlin with another great ride.

But Evans insists that he must forget about past successes and mentally reset before the opening round of the UCI Supercross World Cup comes to Manchester in April.

Speaking from the National Cycling Centre, Evans reviewed the extraordinary setup that has developed since 2008.

“The support group that we’ve got around us at the moment is second to none,” said Evans, of the extensive team.

“It’s me, Liam and Tre and we’re always riding together and we’re in the gym together. We’re quite a close team I’d say – between coaches and athletes – we work together well and we have a laugh.

"But when it comes to being serious and doing hard work then we crack on and get some hard work done.”

Such work has – according to Evans – been reflected in the results from his latest training period.

“From my point of view this winter up until now, has been going pretty well. I’m the strongest I’ve ever been in the gym and I’m going well in sprints even though I’m quite tired - and I’m not going too bad on track as well.

"I’m looking forward to getting the block finished and seeing what I’ve got in the tank. I’ve got to forget about what I did here last year almost and take it as a new year and try and make some mains and some podiums along the way.”

Such results throughout the squad means a bright outlook for the critical Olympic qualification period, as Great Britain have a chance of securing the maximum three places for the men's competition at Rio 2016.

“It can only make you happy,” Evans said of the development.

“For us as a team it’s very positive. Liam’s obviously proved himself, he’s been going well, he was 2013 world champ, he’s won some world cups.

"Tre’s world number three, I’ve made some world cup mains and won some European rounds, so as I say we’re a close team and we bounce off each other, so we just need to keep that structure because it’s going really well and push each other at the races and keep doing our best and I don’t see why we couldn’t qualify more than one person to race the Games.”