Evans to take Papendal lessons to Berlin UCI BMX Supercross

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Great Britain’s Kyle Evans says he will carry the lessons from a disappointing performance in Papendal to Berlin when the UCI BMX Supercross World Cup resumes this weekend.

Evans was knocked out in the 1/8 finals in the Netherlands last month having finished fifth at the opening round in Manchester.

It was a weekend that frustrated the 20-year-old but he is ready to use the experience when he travels to Mellowpark in Germany for the third round of five in the series.

“I overthought the start - I rode within myself,” said Evans, a British Cycling Olympic Academy Programme athlete.

“I don't feel I gave it everything I have got and personally feel I rode within myself and lacked a bit of confidence when on the track.

“My biggest lesson was it gave me a kick to be more aggressive and stick up for myself going round the track, so I'm looking to take that attitude to Berlin.”

Evans found his form on his return to the Netherlands at rounds seven and eight of the UEC European BMX League with sixth and eighth-place finishes respectively.

And Evans believes he is returning to the level that delivered his first-ever UCI BMX Supercross final appearance in Manchester.

“I'm feeling pretty good to be honest with you,” Evans said.

“I did have a great round in Holland - my starts linked together well in runs and qualification races and the training has been going really well for it.

“I guess you could say I was hungry for it, more confident and tried to redeem myself in a way. Be really aggressive around the track and not take any hits from anyone and rode my own race.

“Obviously we've got this massive facility here and a timing system so I know how well I'm going.”

Evans sits in 10th overall in the elite men’s standings and maintaining a top-16 position is imperative for the Briton’s ambitions in the series.

The 16 highest-ranked athletes receive a bye to the moto stages, avoiding three heats of qualifying racing on day one of a world cup meeting and instead competing in the time-trial superfinal.

“It's vital to stay in the top 16,” Evans said.

“If I can do well at each race and stay in the top 16 then obviously I don't have to do the (qualifying) race on Friday night, I only have to do the time-trial.

“I suppose going into Saturday's racing you're a tad fresher and you've done a lap and have an inkling of what it's going to be like in racing, how fast the laps are going to be and linking the whole track together.”

Having competed at the course back in 2012, Evans thinks it will make for an entertaining two days of racing.

“It's a very technical track to be honest with you,” Evans, from Wigan, said. "I've seen an animation and I've seen a couple of people ride on it in the past couple of weeks and it looks a little tamer than last time I remember it but I guess videos don't always do it justice.

“I'm sure that first straight will make it good for the spectators as well as the athletes.”