Blog - Great Britain's Curtis Manaton on work experience with Fiat

Blog - Great Britain's Curtis Manaton on work experience with Fiat

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Working with Jo Harrison, our Performance Lifestyle advisor, my fellow squad members and I are identifying different activities that we can add in to our training week to gain a better experience of life outside of cycling.

It’s great to be able to do something different for a short time and meet some new people.

We had our first day at the Bauer Millett garage in Manchester on Wednesday and I’d like to say thanks to Fiat and British Cycling for giving us the chance to get involved and see what goes on at such a high spec garage.

We recently finished a basic car mechanics course at Trafford College which allowed Dan McBride and me to learn some of the basics. After this experience we were keen to do more and get a slice of the real environment.

The first day at the garage was more of an introduction into what the garage offers. It was great to meet the technicians who work there and be shown around the site. Once we had a look around we helped one of the technicians working on an American Hummer find out what was draining the battery over night when the car was turned off.

Dan and I are now looking forward to learning more next week, putting ourselves to good use and perhaps even working on a British Cycling fleet car! This coming week we have been preparing for the next World Cup race in Papendal, Holland - and hopefully when we return to the garage we’ll have some good news and results to report back.

Curtis Manaton

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