High Peak Hog

Cycle Sportive , Glossop – Sunday, 11 May 2014

Event Details

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Start Date:

Sun, 11th May 2014

Event Type:

Cycle Sportive (Non-Competitive)


Glossop Cricket Club, North Road, Glossop, Derbyshire, SK13 7AS
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British Cycling Grading:

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Event Overview

The High Peak Hog is a very challenging ride through the beautiful Peak District. It is organised by cyclists for cyclists.

It has 2 route options. The 83-mile Whole Hog and 50-mile Half Hog both start with a 3-mile ascent of the Snake Pass. The Whole Hog includes the idyllic Edale Valley with it’s twisting climb to Mam Nick, a stunning descent through Winnat’s Pass, up to the gritstone cliffs of Stanage Edge and back to Ladybower Reservoir where it rejoins the Half Hog. Both routes include the three ‘stingers’ of the Strines and finish with the iconic Holme Moss climb and it’s ¼ mile road markings to the summit. You will be rewarded for your efforts with a long descent and a relatively easy return to Glossop along the lovely Torside Valley.

The entry price includes electronic timing and photos of riders on the major climbs to immortalize your efforts. It also includes a hot breakfast before the start, feed stations en route and a hog roast at the finish – you’ll deserve it!

Info for Riders

The High Peak Hog sold out in Jan 2014! We have a reserve list so if riders drop out you may still get a place. You will also get prior warning of when the 2015 event opens to avoid disappointment next year. To add you name to the reserve list please e-mail paultalbot@doctors.org.uk The event is organised by Glossop Kinder Velo Cycling Club and aims to promote our club and cycling in the beautiful Peak District. It is a very challenging ride. No fewer than 5 of the climbs are featured in Simon Warren’s ‘100 Greatest Cycling Climbs’ and the final climb up Holme Moss is in Stage 2 of the 2014 Tour de France. The route is mostly along country lanes and the scenery is simply breathtaking! The entry fee includes free parking, changing/shower facilities, electronic timing and photos of riders on some of the major climbs available on Flickr to download free of charge after the event. You will also get a hot breakfast, feed stations and hog roast (and vegetarian option) at the finish. The bar will also be o

The Rides

Date Start Ride name Grade BCG Ride length
11/05/14 08:30 Whole Hog - 133 km 4 365 133km / 83 miles
11/05/14 08:30 Half Hog - 80 km 3 160 80km / 50 miles

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Enter a Ride

Ride Whole Hog
Date Start Distance BCG Est. Field Size
Sun 11/05/14 08:30 0 laps / 133km / 83m 365 ---
Entry: On Day: (£25.00)
Ride Whole Hog
Sun 11/05/14 - 08:30
133km / 83 miles
British Cycling Grading: 365
Entry: On Day: (£25.00)
Ride Half Hog
Date Start Distance BCG Est. Field Size
Sun 11/05/14 08:30 0 laps / 80km / 50m 160 ---
Entry: On Day: (£25.00)
Ride Half Hog
Sun 11/05/14 - 08:30
80km / 50 miles
British Cycling Grading: 160
Entry: On Day: (£25.00)

High Peak Hog nears sellout

Posted 06/01/2014 - British Cycling

Riders advised to enter today View Full Report

Entries now open for High Peak Hog 2014

Posted 02/12/2013 - British Cycling

Glossop Kinder Velo's spring 2014 event promises to be bigger and better than this year's inaugural ride. View Full Report

Provisional Results

BibNumber Forename Surname Gender Club ChipTime Category Standard
2 Neil Barnett Male   04:44:21 Half Hog Bronze
3 Neil Batten Male Newcastle Racing Club 2001/Vek 04:19:01 Half Hog Bronze
5 Andrew Birds Male   04:19:55 Half Hog Bronze
6 Oliver Booth Male   05:13:05 Half Hog Bronze
9 John Brooks Male Glossop Kinder Velo 06:59:42 Whole Hog Bronze
10 Cheryl Brown Female   04:55:07 Half Hog Bronze
11 Andrew Butler Male   05:26:53 Half Hog Bronze
16 ben dalton Male   05:10:37 Half Hog Bronze
17 Janet Davenport Female Team Glow 05:27:42 Half Hog Bronze
18 Wes Davies Male   05:18:23 Half Hog Bronze
20 Faye Downey Female   05:50:50 Half Hog Bronze
21 Paul Ekgren Male Withington Wheelers 04:04:48 Half Hog Bronze
22 Clare Elsegood Female   05:16:20 Half Hog Bronze
23 Steven France Male   04:01:18 Half Hog Bronze
24 Richard Freestone Male   04:53:49 Half Hog Bronze
25 George Gilmore Male   04:11:14 Half Hog Bronze
27 Oliver Greenacre Male   04:52:48 Half Hog Bronze
29 Eddie Hamilton Male   04:39:02 Half Hog Bronze
30 Michael Hanstock Male   04:34:52 Half Hog Bronze
31 simon haworth Male   04:04:10 Half Hog Bronze
32 Jannine Hervo Female   06:46:13 Half Hog Bronze
33 Simon Hodgkiss Male   03:48:47 Half Hog Silver
34 Alison Holt Female Glossop Kinder Velo 04:15:59 Half Hog Bronze
35 Rod Holt Male   04:16:03 Half Hog Bronze
36 gordon houston Male   04:52:48 Half Hog Bronze
38 john hutchens Male   03:53:11 Half Hog Bronze
40 Sarah Johnson Female   04:04:18 Half Hog Bronze
43 Paul Killgallon Male   04:26:33 Half Hog Bronze
44 Julia Klinger-Moore Female Test Club 1 05:50:49 Half Hog Bronze
45 Simon Lamb Male   05:50:48 Half Hog Bronze
46 William Lewis Male High Peak Cycles RT 05:41:39 Whole Hog Silver
47 Brian Loughran Male   05:08:00 Half Hog Bronze
49 Jonathan McColl Male   05:18:54 Half Hog Bronze
50 Sionnadh  McLean Female   04:38:40 Half Hog Bronze
51 Lee Mellor Male   05:28:55 Half Hog Bronze
52 Mark Meyrick Male   05:29:29 Half Hog Bronze
53 Sandra Midgley Female   05:08:19 Half Hog Bronze
54 Simon Harrison Male   05:12:42 Half Hog Bronze
56 Lindsay Palmer Female   04:43:34 Half Hog Bronze
58 Mike Reader Male   05:10:27 Half Hog Bronze
63 Josh Rowland Male   04:37:55 Half Hog Bronze
64 Steve Rowland Male   04:37:55 Half Hog Bronze
65 Ian Rushton Male   05:12:43 Half Hog Bronze
66 Carol Anne Smith Female   06:21:02 Half Hog Bronze
67 Karen Spinks Female   06:55:03 Half Hog Bronze
68 Paul Stitt Male Glossop Kinder Velo 04:55:11 Half Hog Bronze
69 simon valentine Male   04:52:45 Half Hog Bronze
71 Mike Wallis Male   05:26:50 Half Hog Bronze
74 Rachael Watson Female   05:58:19 Half Hog Bronze
75 Gwyneth Williams Female   05:58:47 Half Hog Bronze
77 Jonathan Ainger Male   07:12:28 Whole Hog Bronze
78 Greg Aldred Male Glossop Kinder Velo 03:15:28 Half Hog Silver
79 Jonathan Allcock Male   06:19:06 Whole Hog Silver
80 kevin andrew Male   07:19:05 Whole Hog Bronze
81 Gerald Arcari Male Nonna's La Squadra 07:05:23 Whole Hog Bronze
82 Graham Barlow Male   04:42:43 Half Hog Bronze
83 Nick Barringer Male   04:12:47 Half Hog Bronze
85 Chris Bateson Male   07:04:54 Whole Hog Bronze
86 Euan Baxter Male   04:09:59 Half Hog Bronze
90 Kate  Bradley Female   08:02:35 Whole Hog Bronze
91 Thomas Braham Male   07:11:15 Whole Hog Bronze
92 Liam Bromley Male Cyclesport International RT 08:00:43 Whole Hog Bronze
93 Stephen Brown Male   07:12:49 Whole Hog Bronze
95 Alison Bull Female Glossop Kinder Velo 08:06:05 Whole Hog Bronze
97 Wayne Burgreave Male   06:00:18 Whole Hog Silver
99 Mike Burton Male   03:47:53 Half Hog Silver
101 Stewart Calthorpe Male   04:26:06 Half Hog Bronze
102 Duncan  Carrier Male   06:06:44 Whole Hog Silver
104 Nick Clayton Male   06:55:58 Whole Hog Bronze
106 William Cocker Male Bolton Clarion CC 07:01:20 Whole Hog Bronze
107 David Cole Male   04:15:44 Half Hog Bronze
108 Chris Coleman Male   04:12:15 Half Hog Bronze
111 ben cox Male   06:14:14 Half Hog Bronze
112 stewart crisp Male   07:50:34 Whole Hog Bronze
113 Elly Crockford Female   07:02:21 Whole Hog Bronze
116 Jeremy Dick Male   04:34:25 Half Hog Bronze
117 Thomas Dickinson Male   05:49:53 Whole Hog Silver
118 Michael Dixon Male   05:20:58 Whole Hog Gold
120 Simon Dorey Male   07:40:35 Whole Hog Bronze
121 Ed Douglas Male   04:38:14 Half Hog Bronze
123 Timothy Dowling Male Glossop Kinder Velo 07:09:56 Whole Hog Bronze
124 Kirsty Duncan Female   06:22:29 Whole Hog Silver
125 Ian Eccles Male   03:58:15 Half Hog Bronze
126 James Earls-Davis Male   03:58:49 Half Hog Bronze
129 Matt Ennion Male   04:22:42 Half Hog Bronze
130 Angie Evans Female Skipton Cycling Club 08:37:27 Whole Hog Bronze
131 Gareth Evans Male Skipton Cycling Club 08:37:25 Whole Hog Bronze
132 robert fishwick Male   04:00:14 Half Hog Bronze
133 Elaine Fleuriot Female   04:30:43 Half Hog Bronze
138 Jon Goldsmith Male   06:27:52 Whole Hog Silver
139 Dave Goodwin Male   05:49:38 Half Hog Bronze
140 Serena Gorton Female Cyclesport International RT 08:08:04 Whole Hog Bronze
141 Stephen Graham Male   06:17:47 Whole Hog Silver
142 Simon Greaves Male   06:14:25 Whole Hog Silver
143 Nicole Green Female Cyclesport International RT 08:00:47 Whole Hog Bronze
144 Lee Griffin Male Polocini Test Team 06:43:27 Whole Hog Bronze
145 robert griffin Male   07:13:27 Whole Hog Bronze
146 Sam Griffiths-Jones Male   07:08:25 Whole Hog Bronze
147 Daniel Grosvenor Male   07:38:23 Whole Hog Bronze
148 Nick Grundy Male   04:09:48 Half Hog Bronze
149 Adrian Hackney Male Cyclesport International RT 08:00:54 Whole Hog Bronze
150 Andrew Hallett Male   07:26:51 Whole Hog Bronze
151 Andrew  Hamilton Male   04:15:54 Half Hog Bronze
152 Jim Harbord Male Chinley Churners Cycling Club 07:22:52 Whole Hog Bronze
154 Chris Hardwick Male   04:09:26 Half Hog Bronze
155 Mark Harris Male   05:53:11 Whole Hog Silver
159 Richard Henshaw Male   07:05:42 Whole Hog Bronze
162 Mark Hogg Male   04:42:41 Half Hog Bronze
163 Aidan Hoggard Male   07:21:47 Whole Hog Bronze
164 Alexander Hooley Male   07:23:33 Whole Hog Bronze
165 Warren Hope Male   07:58:06 Whole Hog Bronze
167 Martin Horrobin Male Bolton Hot Wheels CC 03:55:00 Half Hog Bronze
168 Christopher Hough Male   04:34:49 Half Hog Bronze
171 Lee Jackson Male Polocini Test Team 05:56:38 Whole Hog Silver
172 Paul Johnson Male   05:04:20 Whole Hog Gold
174 David Johnson Male Glossop Kinder Velo 05:52:59 Whole Hog Silver
176 Lucas Jones Male   07:31:10 Whole Hog Bronze
178 gary kempster Male   06:35:04 Whole Hog Bronze
183 Chris Kobylecki Male   07:55:11 Whole Hog Bronze
184 Martin Kocsis Male   05:17:57 Whole Hog Gold
186 David Levis Male Sportive Nation Cycling Team 04:25:53 Half Hog Bronze
188 neil lindley Male   06:50:59 Whole Hog Bronze
189 Rick Lovell Male   04:57:44 Half Hog Bronze
192 Michael Lynch Male   07:26:55 Whole Hog Bronze
193 Jamie MacPherson Male   07:13:26 Whole Hog Bronze
194 John Malloy Male   04:22:44 Half Hog Bronze
196 Daniel Martin Male   04:05:49 Half Hog Bronze
197 Nigel Mason Male   04:26:56 Half Hog Bronze
199 Jon McEwen Male   07:32:57 Whole Hog Bronze
200 Neil McGraw Male Glossop Kinder Velo 07:24:09 Whole Hog Bronze
203 Paul Mellon Male Ashurst Bike Club 07:44:33 Whole Hog Bronze
204 Nigel Mellor Male   04:07:43 Half Hog Bronze
205 Martin Midgley Male   06:51:52 Whole Hog Bronze
207 Ian Mills Male   04:18:11 Half Hog Bronze
208 NIcholas Mills Male   07:19:00 Whole Hog Bronze
210 Ian Moczadlo Male   03:58:58 Half Hog Bronze
211 Paul Monks Male   07:41:34 Whole Hog Bronze
212 Colin Moore Male Glossop Kinder Velo 06:00:07 Whole Hog Silver
213 Carl Mottershead Male   07:11:59 Whole Hog Bronze
214 Andrew Munton Male Farnham RC 06:46:10 Whole Hog Bronze
215 Bradley Murphy Male   05:12:10 Whole Hog Gold
216 Steve Newhall Male   06:50:54 Whole Hog Bronze
217 Howard Newhall Male   07:16:11 Whole Hog Bronze
220 Ian Oates Male Glossop Kinder Velo 07:25:39 Whole Hog Bronze
223 Ben Palentine Male Polocini Test Team 06:41:09 Whole Hog Bronze
224 David Palmer Male Heanor Clarion CC 06:43:17 Whole Hog Bronze
226 Bromley Parsons Male Glossop Kinder Velo 06:19:31 Whole Hog Silver
228 David Peart Male   06:59:54 Whole Hog Bronze
230 Robert Pisolkar Male   04:15:48 Half Hog Bronze
231 Steven Pleasant Male Glossop Kinder Velo 06:25:38 Whole Hog Silver
232 mark pollitt Male Rochdale Triathlon Club 06:43:36 Whole Hog Bronze
233 Duncan Poole  Male   07:16:57 Whole Hog Bronze
235 John  Proud Male Chorlton Velo 07:45:55 Whole Hog Bronze
237 Martin Quinton Male   05:22:16 Whole Hog Gold
239 Caitlin Rice Female Glossopdale Harriers 07:24:06 Whole Hog Bronze
240 Stewart  Roberts Male   05:24:45 Whole Hog Gold
241 David Robertson Male   06:20:46 Whole Hog Silver
242 Kathryn Robertson Female Glossop Kinder Velo 07:12:23 Whole Hog Bronze
243 Simon Rogers Male Glossop Kinder Velo 04:50:36 Half Hog Bronze
244 Lucy Russell Female Cyclesport International RT 08:00:53 Whole Hog Bronze
245 Tony Ryan Male   04:38:09 Half Hog Bronze
246 Steve Sage Male   07:39:58 Whole Hog Bronze
248 Mark Schofield Male   07:26:51 Whole Hog Bronze
249 Ian Sharp Male Newbury RC 06:05:29 Whole Hog Silver
250 Trevor Shaw Male   08:33:38 Whole Hog Bronze
251 Owen Sherborne Male   08:03:34 Whole Hog Bronze
252 Thomas Skelton Male   07:34:56 Whole Hog Bronze
253 Mark Slack Male Polocini Test Team 07:18:29 Whole Hog Bronze
254 Diane Smith Female   04:38:40 Half Hog Bronze
255 matt smith Male   07:33:51 Whole Hog Bronze
256 James Smith Male   06:23:26 Whole Hog Silver
257 tim snape Male   04:09:33 Half Hog Bronze
258 Jo Soliva Female Chorlton Velo 07:31:45 Whole Hog Bronze
259 Lee SPENCER Male   07:04:29 Whole Hog Bronze
260 Richard Storer Male   07:04:49 Whole Hog Bronze
262 Jon Sussman Male   05:02:00 Whole Hog Gold
263 Ian Sutcliffe Male   07:05:45 Whole Hog Bronze
264 Phil Swan Male   04:10:27 Half Hog Bronze
265 Elanor Swan Female   04:10:27 Half Hog Bronze
266 Edward Swash Male   06:34:39 Whole Hog Bronze
267 Jon Swindells Male Polocini Test Team 04:18:39 Half Hog Bronze
270 andrew taylor Male   07:50:31 Whole Hog Bronze
273 Richard Thomas Male Stockport Clarion CC 07:44:36 Whole Hog Bronze
275 Jimmy Tickle Male Manchester Whlrs Club 06:55:35 Whole Hog Bronze
276 Jon Tilley Male   06:17:57 Whole Hog Silver
277 Michael Traut Male Glossop Kinder Velo CC 07:20:33 Whole Hog Bronze
279 Greg Vallance Male Glossop Kinder Velo 06:13:30 Whole Hog Silver
281 Peter Wainman Male   04:38:25 Half Hog Bronze
282 Andrew Walden Male Ford Cycling Club 07:08:47 Whole Hog Bronze
284 tony walker Male   04:16:08 Half Hog Bronze
285 Jon Walker Male   04:38:19 Half Hog Bronze
286 Christopher Walker Male   04:19:20 Half Hog Bronze
288 Dave Ward Male Chinley Churners Cycling Club 07:12:52 Whole Hog Bronze
289 Neil Warner Male Saddleworth Clarion 06:30:35 Whole Hog Bronze
290 Simon Warr Male   07:22:51 Whole Hog Bronze
291 Adrian Waterhouse Male Polocini Test Team 04:07:59 Half Hog Bronze
292 Benjamin Watson Male Glossop Kinder Velo 05:37:44 Whole Hog Silver
293 Mike Watson Male   07:46:50 Whole Hog Bronze
294 Adrian Welsh Male Glossop Kinder Velo 06:15:50 Whole Hog Silver
295 Phil Wheatcroft Male   04:39:20 Half Hog Bronze
297 Joe Whiteley Male Glossop Kinder Velo 06:03:09 Whole Hog Silver
302 Paul Lomas Male   06:08:46 Whole Hog Silver
303 Martin Needham Male   04:23:13 Half Hog Bronze
305 Phil Jenkins Male   07:08:31 Whole Hog Bronze
309 Paul Kennedy Male   07:05:47 Whole Hog Bronze
310 Dave Hyland Male   08:08:02 Whole Hog Bronze

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