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Sun, 31st Aug 2014
Event Type:
Cycle Sportive (Non-Competitive)
Goodwood Motor Racing Circuit
Claypit Lane, Westerton, Chichester, PO18 0PX
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Biking Belles Chichester Ladies ( website )
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Event organiser:
Miss Val Harper
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Biking Belles Grand Prix
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Info for Riders:
Three sportives on offer: 35, 50 or 70 miles starting off by doing one lap of the motor circuit and then off around the lanes from Goodwood over to Compton areas.
Preview Rides:
Date Start Ride name Grade BCG Duration
31 Aug 14 08:00 The Biking Belles Challenge --- --- 112km / 70m
31 Aug 14 08:00 The Flying Belles --- --- 80km / 50m
31 Aug 14 08:00 The Starting Belles --- --- 56km / 35m

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The Biking Belles Grand Prix

at the Goodwood Motor Circuit, West Sussex

Sunday August 31, 2014

'an important cycling event for women and an important fundraising event for women's charities'

This will be a fantastic event and the first of its kind at Goodwood.

The Chichester based ladies cycling club, The Biking Belles have joined forces with British Cycling who bring with them years of experience.

Entries will be accepted on the day but the cost will increase by £5 per entry.

The event opens at 8am with three sportives (35, 50 and 70 miles), all competitiors will do one lap of the Goodwood circuit and then leave to complete their sportives in the surrounding Sussex area.

Following their departure, the circuit will open at about 10am to the general public (women only) to cycle around and receive training from British Cycling.

As from 1pm we have the Elite National Womens Racing  - the highlight of the day and we are hoping for top women cyclists to enter. The first race will be the Lady March Grand Prix.

Early bird entries are now being accepted online at the British Cycling website: www.britishcyling.org.uk

We’re selling retail space at the circuit and are hoping local businesses will get involved and support this local event.

 The event is supporting Boot Out Breast Cancer - www.bootoutbreastcancer.org.uk. A great little charity run by a team of enthusiastic women raising funds for much needed equipment in the treatment of breast cancer

The sportives departure times are as follows:

70m route - 8am - 8.30am

50 m route - 8.30am - 9am

35m route - 9am - 9.30am

There will be a sportive briefing at 7.30am at the sportive registration desk.

For further details please contact:

Val Harper

Event Organiser

Mobile: 07824 605317

Email: val@bikingbelles.co.uk

Web: www.bikingbelles.co.uk





Event Location:

Claypit Lane,
PO18 0PX

Ride: The Biking Belles Challenge

Online entry closed 9 months 1 day 6 hours 57 minutes 50 seconds  ago
Date Start Distance BCG Est. Field Size
31 Aug 14 08:00 112km / 70m --- 100

Ride: The Flying Belles

Online entry closed 9 months 1 day 6 hours 57 minutes 50 seconds  ago
Date Start Distance BCG Est. Field Size
31 Aug 14 08:00 80km / 50m --- 100

Ride: The Starting Belles

Online entry closed 9 months 1 day 6 hours 57 minutes 50 seconds  ago
Date Start Distance BCG Est. Field Size
31 Aug 14 08:00 56km / 35m --- 200

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Posted 06/08/2014

The sportive briefings will take place at 7.30am at the sportive registration area.


Departure times as follows:

70m - departs between 8am - 8.30am

50m - departs between 8.30am - 9am

35m - departs between 9am - 9.30am

70m route

Posted 13/02/2014

Plus one lap of the Goodwood motor circuit


Due to some gravelly lanes we have had to amend the route slightly, as follows:


50m route

Posted 13/02/2014

You will complete one lap of the Goodwood motor circuit then leave to follow this route...



35m route

Posted 13/02/2014

Here's the 35m route, in addition to this you will complete one lap of the circuit before leaving to complete the route in the surrounding countryside




There is a small section of this route which has, at the moment, loose stones on the lane, as you turn off the Chilgrove road towards the Mardens. All participants will be emailed prior to the event date and there will be clear signs warning of any problems ahead.

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35 sportive risk assessment

Date: 15/08/2014 12:16

Source: Val Harper

35m Grand Prix sportive - Risk Assessment – 2014 Grand Prix

 Complete one lap of the circuit then exit as directed towards the main gate of the circuit. Follow the signs.

  1. Finish line – is the cobbled row near the Programme shelters
  2. X4 Arrows needed at the entrance near the Goodwood main ticket office directing towards the sportive registration area
  3. X1 marshal directing to the registration near the ticket office
  4. X1 Sportive sign opposite the exit of the circuit
  5. X1 arrow on the signpost before the roundabout and x1 on the roundabout
  6. On the Lavant straight – 35m sportive sign and x1 arrow
  7. X2 arrows – x1 on the Fordwater Road pole and x1 on Pook Lane sign, showing a left hand turning
  8. On the small Lavant roundabout x1 arrow and on the grey lamppost nr roundabout x1 arrow showing a right hand turning
  9. At 4.6m on the Midhurst sign – x1 arrow. Plus x2 Cycle Event signs, in both directions. To minimise the risk of cars jumping the roundabout
  10. Uppark brown sign – x1 arrow and x1 on the lamppost at the turning – 5.8m
  11. 7.6m – x1 straight arrow to reassure the cyclists of their route along the Chilgrove straight
  12. 8.8m another straight arrow before the Chilgrove Park Road sign
  13. 9.8m – on the 650yds sign – x1 straight arrow just before the hill (just past the pub)
  14. 10.1m on the small island at the top of the hill – x1 arrow right direction
  15. 10.9m at the left turning.x2 stakes/arrows. X1 just before and x1 opp the turning
  16. Warning: Gravely surface signs just along this lane – x2
  17. 11.7m at the right turning. X2 on a stake, at turning and just before
  18. 12.4m: x1 arrowat top of the hill and x1 after the junction on stakes
  19. 13m: ‘Descent – take care’ sign at the tight left bend. Also mention this at the briefing
  20. Compton/Harting black and white post – x1 arrow and x1 just before
  21. 13.9m at the junction. X1 right hand arrow on a stake and x1 on the lawn – all right handed. B2146 road
  22. 14.5m on the B2146 for the left turning. X1 arrow on the school sign and x1 on the b/w sign post
  23. 15m. x1 arrow on a stake as a reminder along this lane
  24. 16.7m at the left turning. X1 arrow on the right and x1 arrow opp as you turn left – both on stakes
  25. 17.7m Finchdean. X1 arrow at the Finchdean sign
  26. 17.8m. White Hill right turning. X1 arrow and stake at the turning and x1 arrow and stake plus x1 arrow before the turning
  27. 18.3m. x1 arrow at the 40m sign and x1 arrow on the Rowlands Castle signpost
  28. 18.4m at the left hand turning on to the main road – x1 arrow at the turning and x1 on the sign before the turning. Plus x2 Cycle Event signs on both sides of the road. Marshal at this junction. Medium risk area here.
  29. At the RC / Bridge area. X1 marshal located here and x3 arrows directing cyclist around the turning and up the road
  30. 20m distance -  x1 arrow on a stake
  31. At the left hand turning at the top of the hill and on to the main road – x1 marshal. Cycle Event signs – x2 on both sides of the road
  32. 21.3m. x1 arrow on the sign to say right turn and x1 arrow at the junction sign
  33. Westbourne. X1 arrow towards the T junction
  34. 22.2m – x1 marshal at the T junction in Westbourne, before reaching the parish hall. X2 arrows indicating direction to the parish hall
  35. 22.3m - Westbourne parish hall. X1 Food Station sign and Cycle Event signs x2. X2 arrows for the route out
  36. 23.2m – x1 arrow on the Foxbury Lane sign
  37. 23.5m – at the Woodmancote Lane sign – x1 arrow
  38. 23.8m – on the main road at the T junction – x2 Cycle Event signs and x1 arrow opp the turning
  39. Funtingdon road – x1 arrow along the road to remind the cyclists of the direction
  40. 25.9m – Cheesmans Lane – x1 Cycle Event Sign
  41. 25.9m Funtingdon left turning x1 arrow and x1 arrow on the sign opposite
  42. 26m – Broadley rearing unit area – x1 arrow in a stake
  43. At the West Stoke junction – x2 arrows on stakes
  44. 27.3m – x1 arrow on stake along the Lavant lane
  45. 27.9m – x1 arrow at left of bridleway
  46. 28.8m along the West lavant lane x1 arrow
  47. 29.2m – Lavant church junction. X1 marshal and x1 arrow on signpost and x2 Cycle event signs
  48. 29.4m – at the left slip road x2 arrows and poss x1 marshal
  49. 29.6m and 29.8m at the T junction – x2 arrows and x1 Cycling Event sign and x1 marshal
  50. 30m – nr the racehorse sign – x1 arrow and stake
  51. 31.5m – at the main Goodwood T junction – poss a marshal? X2 Cycle Event signs and x1 EXTRA large arrow
  52. Goodwood roundabout – x1 arrow on signpost before roundabout and x1 arrow after the roundabout

At circuit – x1 arrow to turn right and x1 marshal directing – 32.4m in total inc circuit lap