Frequently asked questions


Do I have to run a cyclo cross event as part of an existing league?

No, there are a mix of independent and league events run at all levels. Leagues usually provide some added value, such as a large following of riders, committed volunteers and some equipment to borrow. Different leagues will bring different benefits, you should weigh up the pros and cons of both before deciding.


How do I register an event with a league?

Contact the league organiser or co-ordinator roughly a year before you wish to hold your event and find out from them what the requirements are for the league in question, they will be able to advise you when would be a suitable date and when the date fixing meeting will take place.


How much should I pay for a venue?

This will depend on the size of your event and what you need to provide, for example holding a national event will require provisions for larger number of riders and spectators so will incur additional expense which will be reflected in the entry fee. If you target a few potential venues that match your requirements on course and off course (toilets, showers, parking) then you can decide which offers best value.


Will it cause damage to the venue?

Cyclo-Cross bikes have narrow lightweight treaded tyres which enable them to be ridden fast over grassland. These tyres do not inflict the same wear and tear of a chunkier mountain bike tyre. During events mud is often brought to the surface of the grass but generally little damage occurs to the turf. Within a two week period a venue will have returned to normal with any excess mud washed away by the winter rain.This will however be dependant on the weather and underlying ground conditions and in servere conditions you may need to reroute the course, pospone or even cancel the event.


What is the first aid requirement for my event – what level of cover and how many first aiders are required?

The level of cover will be decided by your risk assessment and discussion with the first aid provider. Your risk assessment should take into account the size of the event, technical difficulty, numbers of and standards of the riders, expected number of spectators and where possible the weather conditions. On event day any first aider should have an easily identifiable location(s) and be solely involved in the event as a first aider with no other responsibilities.


Who supplies the lap scoring team?

It will depend on the event and the region in which the event is being held so it is worth checking with them. They may provide a Chief Judge and then you supply the callers and recorders but it is all dependant on the region.


How long should the course be and what type of terrain should I use?

The course should be 2.5 to 3.5 kilometres long. Popular venues include parks, leisure centres with grassy areas and schools. Considerations when choosing a venue should include the technical nature of the terrain and ensuring the course fits the width regulations.


How long should a lap be?

Ideally 7-9 minutes but a shorter loop for the U12s race with less technical features.


Who should I give prizes to and how much should I give?

Unless it is a Go-Cross race prizes should be awarded to categories depending on the level of entries. It should be 1 prize awarded to every 5 entries. So for example is 33 riders enter the senior race there should be 6 prizes awarded.


If I use online entry are day licences collected when non British Cycling members enter the event?

No you must check if they have joined British Cycling after entering the event and if not collect the appropriate day licence fee. 


How should the Youth Prizes regulation be calculated?

The Youth prize fund for your event should be valued at 75% of the entry fees, net of all levies due and when a proportionate amount for event costs have been removed. As per rule 14 of the British Cycling Cyclo-Cross technical regulations prizes are to be provided for male and females in each age group, with 1 prize per 5 riders in each category. Remember it can be medals or a prize rather than cash.


Can you clarify the how I should calculate the prizes for the non youth categories?

Full details can be found in rule 14 of the British Cycling Cyclo-Cross technical regulations. In principle the regulations state that 1 prize should be provided per 5 riders in each main category. If you are part of a league they may have additional requirements or rules such as minimum prize values, categories awarded etc.


What food should we provide?

Cake, lots! Hot soup, bacon rolls, tea, coffee, hot chocolate. Remember a good event appeals to both riders and spectators.


Is there anywhere I can borrow equipment from?

Yes, the Regional Events Officer in your region will  have a bank of equipment that will be able to be borrowed for your event. Equipment includes stakes, tape, marshal bibs, event signs, race flags, race numbers, lapboard & bell, feather flags, gazebo, scrim and cameras. Leagues also lend equipment to event organisers who are part of their league.


Can I set up more than one supplier account?

Yes, you can have multiple supplier accounts which can be set up using the Event Organiser tab on your dashboard.